Saturday, April 22

Meet and Greet Blue Gal

tongue_angelina_jolie blue
their chicken salad is delish!

I'll be at lunch with the

Over the Mountain Democrats

Magnolia Cafe

Friday, April 28, 11:30 am

If you haven't had lunch there before, it's in the chicken salad on croissant / ten buck range, including soft drink.

I shoulda saved that panties for lunch graphic for this post. Oh well.


  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Shiver me timbers an'damn me t'hell! I'd join ye fer a cup o'tea, Darlink, but I be firing me 28 pounders at th'Royalists 'round Brunch! Wish I could be there...

    Mighty fine minature o'yerself, Lassie! ;)

  2. Oh gawd -- is it already Talk Like a Pirate Day?

  3. I might be there, Blue Gal. It depends on whether or not I'll be back from Atlanta.

  4. Makes me miss living in B'ham even more than usual....

  5. Dr. Hoffman, what Blue Gal (and every blog, if you ask me) needs more of is Lesbian Pirates. But there's only one Captain Dyke, and I love 'er!

    If you ask me, Captain, a few o' these landlubbers are just a wee bit jealous. Just saying.


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