Thursday, April 6

Blue Gal, who's your daddy?

Your Daddy Is Bill O'Reilly

"I can make my falafel this big."

What You Call Him: Falafel Daddy

Why He's Your Daddy: Because your daddy does not know the difference between a loofah and a falafel, and it cost him a reputed six million bucks. He also represents all that is worthy of ridicule in right wing politics, well, whatever isn't covered by Brit Hume, Pat Robertson, and Ann Coulter. Seriously, what would you do without him, Blue Gal?
slightly modified from Who's Your Daddy?


  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. he makes the roots of my teeth hurt when i see his picture!

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Tell me I'm wrong about this, but that woman he victimized, I think she should have hung him out to dry and fried his ass. She could have destroyed him . . . and the subsequent book and movie deals would have been worth way more than 6 million to her.

    As it stands, by taking the money she loses some of the moral high ground, and O'Reilly is still at large.

  4. Oh, Bluegal! I am so sorry! But you're still my friend. :)

  5. I'm not quite sure what her family situation was. She may not have wanted the publicity but did want to punish him for the harassment. In any event her silence was the price of settlement, wasn't it. Yeah, Olbermann was scraping together money for the tapes so he could play them.

    I don't think either of them had moral high ground, the real sin here was that she was a co-worker/employee and he was harrassing her.

    Don't cry for me, Anna! Now that DeLay is gone, we'll have to get our jollies where we can!

  6. O'Reilly has single-handedly ruined the entire loofa industry. What sane person would touch one now?!

    I think he just wanted to hire illegal aliens to do all the loofa harvesting because he's got a cut of the action. I'm going to ask Keith Olbermann or Al Franken to look into it.

  7. OReilly is such a pitiful person. One of the tallest lumbering jackasses on the airwaves. Pitiful. Just downright sad that he has an audience of any kind.


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