Sunday, April 23

In this case, permission is better than forgiveness

more Jeff Danziger cartoons here.

I heard from Jeff Danziger via email regarding whether we bloggers can use his cartoons in our blogs:

"Go ahead."

The only warning, folks, is of course to link back to Jeff's site, just like I did above, and no bandwidth theft, or Blue Gal will do mean things to your panties.

Thank you very much, Mr. Danziger.

Oh, and speaking of panties. The pervert who found my site looking for "women's panties that fit men"? I think what you are looking for is here, but I did not need to know that. Too. Much. Information. And if that was you, Anderson Cooper, I expect a finder's fee.


  1. That GuyPanties site probably does a landslide business with the male members of Congress, but I'm surprised that none of them are yelling gender discrimination because the panties I saw there are not nearly as original, delicious-looking, or provocative as panties for ladies are.

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Not me, but thanks for the link, I have a friend who will be interested.

  3. Don, I think that's a matter of (good) taste. And Andy, a friend? Really? Thank Jeremy, good one.

  4. I admit, Blue Gal, it was me.

    I have on a pair of pink silk thongs this very moment.

    *looks other way*

    Don't mock the afflicted! Transgendered Republicans have rights too!

  5. Banning fur undies? That sounds like something the Alabama Legislature would do.

    BG, I'm sure Anderson Cooper has a highly-paid, extremely discreet personal shopper who buys his panties. I wonder if he goes for hi-cuts, bikinis, or thongs...

  6. Andy has plenty of discreet personals going for him, I'm sure. But gossip has it don't call them illegals, they're Latin American. Et tu and all that.


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