Friday, April 7

Is this you? Just wondering...

Your Lucky Panties can be found at Blue Gal

Please Do Not Sniff the Blue Gal Panties!

Left-wing, political, and idealistic, you are devoted to The Daily Show, Colbert, and Bill Maher. Yet you know you still need to laugh more. Blue Gal panty posts make those dreams come true!

You're a busy lefty blog reader. You have the most Blogline subscriptions of anyone you know. You write long diaries at Kos, hang out in the open threads at Eschaton, are a daily, sometimes hourly, visitor to Crooks and Liars, but can 't commit the time or the energy to your own blog.

You also have a flair for lurking. You need to stop this and leave a comment. Now.

If you want to enjoy the blogosphere more and join the party, it's time to make yourself known. Click on comments, put on those Blue Gal panties, and type something. The panties will inspire you to say the right thing. And you can do it anonymously.


  1. Honey, you're halfway there. If you can't think of something, leave your first name and say "hi."

  2. What's your name over at Kos? I don't recall seeing any Blue Gal diaries, but then, I don't lurk there every minute.

    I sent out the book today, btw.

  3. I can't type...the panties are too tight!

  4. High from Amsterdam!

  5. says mine are blue and that's ok by me!

  6. "Red," as in "zest for life."

    I was hoping for "Blue," as in Blue Gal's!

  7. Anonymous7:49 AM

    If I can't sniff the panties, I'm leaving.


  8. Lurking my way into Keith Olbermann's heart! Hi!

  9. Quaker panties: plain black boxers. With a button. And very very loose.

  10. I'm not um...wearing any panties.

    Not because I'm a dude, but well, I've just always wanted to say that.


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