Wednesday, April 19

My Kool-Aid stock just hit the tank!

Buh-bye, Scotty. The liberal blogosphere is really gonna miss you. Really.

You know, it took Scotty-boy's resignation for me to look up that reference of "he's been drinking the kool aid." Wikipedia has it all here. And I love that a WaPo editor admitted to drinking The Good Leaky stuff in a televised interview.

Course, we all know that mixing up the next fruit-punch batch is Turd Blossom's new job.

I'm busy today working, but my review (late, but there it is) of Spike Lee's The Inside Man is up at the sister site.

And welcome to the latest addition to the blogroll, "Pinko Feminist Hellcat". Um, one of us? Ya think?


  1. Glad you found me! By the by - your site rocks.

  2. Scotty, play nice and share the Kool-Aid!

  3. I will miss the McClellatron 3000 ...

  4. Thanks Jennifer. Intous rocks too, as well as the sister site. It will be okay, Blogefreude, there are plenty of other Kool-Aid drinkers in the White House...


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