Saturday, April 1

Jill Carroll speaks for herself -- click here


  1. Jill Carroll speaks for herself while Dick Cheney pulls George Bush's string.

  2. thank you for posting this.

  3. Now breathless and unconstrained
    She warbled odes for her captors
    And then like razors slipped forth
    Of a world she had been detained
    Taken `way from her restful peace
    And living’s translation shot dead
    In an arid land discharged in war
    Dignity stuffed in scarf’s bent head…

    Now humanity free of its confinement
    Open of nodding treacherous torture
    Death in their breath she expresses
    Of her ungodly "criminals at best"!
    Everything is not as it appears to be
    As painted thus in lyrical "ode"
    The young Christian now safely home
    Others still held she drops her bomb…

  4. In my latest Assclowns of the Week, I tore those wingnuts a good one. That's why I made them my Number One Assclowns because they're lower than low, well below even the Mendoza Line of conservative thinking.


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