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Guest Blogger - Blogenfreude

When I really feel like flattering myself with a big fat hairy lie, I look in the mirror and say "you know, Blue Gal, your blog is right up there with Agitprop." Heh. This is such an honor.

Caveat: Blogenfreude and I are a little worried that Fucker Carlson might apologize for his idiocy between this writing (Monday 5/8) and press time (Saturday 5/13). Please be aware that [A] as of this writing he has not apologized, and [B] Blogenfreude and Blue Gal took it straight out of Carlson's own book that fact-checking is for pussies.

- BG


photoshop by the gifted Commandante Agi

[via Media Matters]

Fucker Carlson has cleared Rummy! We just knew Rummy wasn't guilty of anything:

I think a lot of the hostility here is misplaced. You know, people are angry about our Iraq policy; I'm one of them; I'm angry about our Iraq policy. But that's not Rumsfeld's fault, in the end. He didn't dream up the invasion of Iraq. He doesn't have the power to execute it. That's something the president did. That's also something members of Congress endorsed by their vote in the run-up to war. Those are the people you ought to be angry at.

Hmmm ...


Donald Rumsfeld is the Secretary of Defense of the United States, and supported the war against Iraq, partially on the grounds that Saddam had used chemical weapons in the 1980s.

No one important said that, just Juan Cole ...

::google, google::

and guess what?

Rummy's also in PNAC, that there Project For A New American Century, which said on its website that we had to do Iraq - Rummy signed a January 1998 letter to Clinton sayng we had to wipe out Saddam.

Fucker Carlson should have known better - Rummy's been saber-rattling for years.


  1. Yeah, but Tucker just looks so charming and boyish in his bow tie. You gotta cut him some slack for that, don't you?


    Oh, come on. How can you actually take that guy seriously? He is going to look like he's 16 for the rest of his natural existence.

    He's not even a good Rumsfeld apologist. He looks like he just graduated from an elite boarding school somewhere in New England.

  3. Yes. But a rattling saber does not make a person a raging hardon of hegemony...It just makes Rumsfeld one.

  4. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Hey . . . does this mean Bowtie DOESN'T SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT? I mean, it sounds to me like he's blaming everything on Dubya.

    Wonder if we can get Tucker to come out pro-impeachment.

  5. in general, repubs only believe the party rhetoric. they get briefed on what it is for the day and then go and spew it ad nauseaum. i'd like to take and round all of them up and put them in kans-ass and leave them there forever just talking to each other. that way everyone would be happy.

  6. sorry- i just kept typing in the letters for word verification as i didn't realize my post had gone through. not enough coffee yet this morninggulf

  7. I just can't believe our Captain is posting these before her morning coffee. I couldn't have chosen a better helmsmaster.

    And you guys...thinking clearly and posting comments before noon on a Saturday? You rock.

    Mr. Blue Gal and I leaving the swanky hotel for the riverboat today and I probably won't have internet access til next weekend, if I can survive that long without internet access. I'm going mobile asap. If they let me off the boat I promise an internet cafe will be my first stop. xoxoxo

  8. Smooth sailing, BG, and stay sober and safe while on board. That seaway water is pretty chilly. BTW, I hope you're wearing inflatable panties, if any at all.

  9. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Your lovely Cap'n posted this just after midnight, Blue Gal. That's style for you!

  10. you guys are great!
    tucker? i've always wondered about him, then i slap myself for wasting time, and go on with my day.

  11. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Arrrgh, th'mornin' coffee had t'be waitin' until th' Cap'n be gettin' up. That be why th'post was put up while she be semi-lucid.

    Giant bonfire built t'be makin' friends happy (that an' th'grog, that is).

    BG, I want t'see yer inflatable pantie s when ye get back! Be safe!

    Blogenfreude, is that man's head explodin' as tries t'lie aboot Rumsfeld?

    Betmo, don't be sendin' 'em t'Kansas. Let's be sendin' 'em t'Tex-ass. It likes 'em better.

    Doug, th'Cap'n be lovely an' oh-so-stylish (just check out me closet sometime...). Thank'e ;)

  12. i fucking hate Tucker Carlson

  13. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Fucker Carlson is the gift that keeps on giving.

  14. Who dares to attack this fine American?

    Oh wait - my lawyer's on line 2 ...

  15. Off the boat and as promised. first stop, internet cafe. You da bomb, Captain. And the rest of you too. xoxo


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