Sunday, May 28

Yeah but...

all for mike

I just love Crooks and Liars readers, but you know Mike honey, I'll never actually wear these. They're just too precious. xoxoxo


  1. Maybe Mike could wear them... Just a thought. :>)

  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    I'm wearing a pair!

  3. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing panties. Too restricting.

    Come to LGF to read about my new book, darling.

  4. If it's the panties, I don't envy him. If it's who goes inside the panties, I already envu him without having met you. Laters ... Q

  5. Hmmm I used to know someone named "Mickey Finn" (But only a coincidence I am sure.)

    But try em on...and let us know yourself.



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