Wednesday, September 24


Twitter messages from viewers will appear during Friday's Presidential Debate on CurrentTV.

And so NOW we have a reason-to-be-so-very-missing George Stephanopolous and Charlie Gibson, who won't be hosting any.


  1. Sounds kinda like a live blog where the principals aren't invited to participate!

    I had an idea about McCain calling off Friday's debate over at my place.

    And yes, I have no shame.

  2. I have an idea. McCain calls for delaying the debate "for the good of the country"; Obama looks like an uncaring douche for suggesting, quite rightly, that someone with the right presidential stuff should be able to do two things at once; the republicans congratulate themselves on having dodged addressing the wider issues yet again.
    What good is inviting them to the Whitehouse going to do anyway? Until the election they're still "just" Senators surely. It's all just posturing, and Dubya's basically just thrown McCain a bone to make him look like the good guy.

    How good are Twitter's spam filters anyway? Isn't John basically the target demographic for most of the pharmaceuticals being promoted in unsolicited bulk these days?

  3. Ah, the photo of the Nixon-Kennedy debate. If the content of that debate was somehow re-done for today's audience - I wonder how many would understand what was being said?

    Of course, Nixon lost because he didn't shave and he sweated too much. I wonder if Old John has sweat glands?

  4. That ABC debate right before Pennsylvania was so blatantly skewed in favor of Hillary Clinton that I wonder how anyone could have considered it impartial and fair.

    I'm glad they're being left out this go round.

  5. Watching Old Man Mac blunder around is really making me wonder wtf?
    I mean, these are republicans, aren't they?
    I'm fighting a suspicion about their ineptitude. Part of me just isn't swallowing the idea that they've gotten this lame in just four years, and that part is wondering what they are really up to.
    Since there is no way of really knowing that just yet and since speculating about disaster is bad for morale:
    Perhaps the reverse ace is feeling remorse for crashing all of those planes and Wall St. and all of those other unpunished crimes (Keating who?), and trying to be patriotic. America will never shake the shit-stain from the neocons until they get beat in a fair election. Perhaps he's just trying to do his part.


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