Wednesday, October 5

Blue Gal's Blog Round Up


It's a shortcut, but hey, Blue Gal wants to knit today, and blogging is not knitting. [above is a snagged pic, not BG's stash. St. Peter will meet BG at the pearly gates with this closet and a fist full of Inox's, though.]

Blue Gal's gonna hire a sitter to go see Good Night and Good Luck. And use grocery money to buy the soundtrack, too.

Birmingham Blues knows Alabama is paying for its sins.

And Weird Wally blames Karma for DeLay's woes.

Pandagon notes that folks in Indiana will just hafta put away their turkey basters and get pregnant the old fashioned way.

Life Starts Now
puts Blue Gal in a blender. She's never felt so good!

In the funniest hit of the day, Sadly, No! hopes to make Alberto Gonzalez feel better.

Still confused about intelligent design? Hey, Radar Online calls Tori Spelling's divorce "the work of a divine, eugenically conscious hand."

Best all around read: Falafel Sex on buying Barbies for your little boy.

And finally, George Will is really trying hard to be one of the Republicans Blue Gal loves. He hates Harriet Miers, and says outright "...the president has forfeited his right to be trusted as a custodian of the Constitution." Ooh, Georgie honey, keep talkin' that way and Blue Gal's gonna hafta change her undie panties!


  1. Thanks for the link. Enjoy the movie and give us a review. It looks good in the previews I've seen.

  2. That looks like heaven to me!

  3. Question.

    What is your fascination with panties (hyperlink)?

    Actually, I think I understand.

    Tori Spelling?

    That old television actress?

    You should be where all the action is and talk about the Chesney/Zellweiger breakup instead.

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Looks like Comrade hasn't heard of Google bombs, but hey, in my book the equation "panties" plus "I feel lucky" always equals Blue Gal.

    And all us queer cineastes know it's "Zellweger". Keeping Tori outta the gene pool is proof there is a God...wasn't that yer point, BG?

  5. Anderson Cooper! You can't fool Blue Gal with your so-called "Anonymous" comments! She smells your CNN cologne on every word of that post. Come on out, darlin'!

  6. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Punked by Blue Gal again!



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