Wednesday, October 19

Let's clear up all these rumors!


Blue Gal has just had it with all these blogosphere rumors! Stop it! (click on the rumor to see source material, then watch as Blue Gal completely debunks it!)

1. Karl Rove and Tom DeLay will share a cell.

NO WAY! Every prison warden in America, and specially those in Texas, knows you don't put two tops together. Gets ugly real quick like.

2. Cheney will resign and be replaced by Condi.

Condi can't handle losing her frequent flyer miles and international shopping opportunities. And if Cheney resigns for "health reasons", he'll have to spend at least a couple years on the Wyoming ranch rather than the Halliburton Katrina clean up headquarters. Yep, Halliburton sure is cleaning up after Katrina. They might want their money back.

Blue Gal just can't link enough re Cheney and Halliburton. Google it for yerselves, kids.

3. It's all true about Blue Gal and Anderson Cooper.

Blue Gal issued the standard non-denial denial on this one WEEKS ago. When will you people give up?


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Ummm...There's something about Anderson Cooper that you don't know...

  2. Are you saying he's...gasp...not a "real" man? Oh honey, Blue Gal doesn't have time for such innuendo. IN RELATED NEWS...did you see Keith Olbermann doin' that little happy happy joy joy "we won" dance? He pretended it was about O'Reilly's potential retirement, but actually he had just been passed a note: "Don't give yerself one little worry about pretty boy Cooper. It's your hair I want to fluff. Love, Blue Gal."

    Watch the video again for yourself and see. That's a happy lover you are watching there, folks. She loves me yeah, yeah, yeah...

  3. Why is it that females love gay men so much? *cough cough* Anderson Cooper.

    Maybe it's because they spend as much time and money on hair care products.

  4. Anonymous9:32 PM

    You askin' me? YOU TALKIN' TO ME? Hey, are. you. talkin'. to. me?

    For the record, Comrade, my sexual orientation has nothing to do with my relationship with Blue Gal.

    Besides, she could rip the gay off Liberace and make him thank her for it.

    Sorry Blue Gal, just had to get that off my chest.



  5. Now, now, Andy, we both know Liberace is dead. Blue Gal is doing just fine. Please don't upset KO any more. He just doesn't get what's going on between us, and frankly, at this point, neither do I. But I won't storm up your life any more than that Wilma is doing right now. Take care of yourself, darling. xxx


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