Wednesday, October 12

Blue Gal - the sex toy edition


Since Blue Gal submitted her blog last night to I talk too much for consideration, Blue Gal also figured it was time to get off the stick, uh, and do a sex toy post. (JR, this is only in honor of your birthday if you want it to be).

Did you know that if you sing the Sesame Street song Rubber Duckie in a deep sultry voice with lots of sighs and moans as if it is a sex toy, the song still makes complete sense?

Rubber Duckie
You're the one. (mmmmm...)
You make bathtime
Lots of fun. (sigh)
Rubber Duckie
I'm awfully fond of you. (OOOOH OOOOH OOOOH)

Rubber Duckie,
Joy. Of. Joys.
When I sqeeeeze you
You make noise!
Rubber Duckie
It's TRUE.

Course, when Blue Gal composed this post in her mind, she had no idea they actually made this. Yuk.

These kind of moments seem to be happening a lot to Blue Gal lately, like she's psychic or something. Remember when she joked that Halliburton would get a no-bid contract to clean up after Katrina, then it actually happened? So she knows just how the Onion feels, then, when she found out they joked back in February 2004 about Gillette making a five blade razor with two, count 'em, two, aloe strips. Well, guess what? Hat tip: TMFTML.

By the way girls, talk too much seems to be One Of Us, and is worth a visit. Aw heck, give her the Don't Sugarcoat It award for today for this worthwhile quote:

I generally find that “I haven’t spoken to the groom since he gave me an STD” is a good excuse to get out of a wedding, and generally doesn’t prompt a huge discussion.

Blue Gal's off on a trip with the fam and will be back next week. Ciao, dahlinks.


  1. Since sex toys are illegal in Montgomery, Blue Gal's "trip with the fam" is actually "going on the lam." You needn't have feared, BG. We wouldn't tell the Alabama authorities where you are hiding.

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Maybe you should make a real audio so i can hear how it sounds. But yeah the rubber duckie looks like a sex toy to me. I still imagine you singing the song.


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