Thursday, October 27

Chicken Soup for the Unqualified,
Stepped Down SCOTUS Nominee


While a great many Americans were lighting candles to commemorate the 2000th soldier death in Iraq, Harriet Miers lit a candle for herself. Blue Gal was glad to see it gave the Today Show an opportunity to interview Senator Ted.

Her timing was perfect; the story of her stepdown knocked right off the front page Exxon profits up 75%. There'll be a thank you note in your cubby from Vice, HM. You're the bestest ever!!!

Lefty bloggers know this is no cause for celebration. Next will be a "true" conservative with just enough "qualifications" to make the Senate Repubs play nice. But at least we won't have to look at Harriet or suffer three exclamation point statements in court rulings for the rest of her lifetime appointment.

Still waiting for Fitzmas. The parody Christian conservative er, the website CFAV doesn't exactly have Fitzgerald in bed with us Democrats. But might as well be. Hiding Howard Dean's salami indeed.

Blue Gal wishes she knew photoshop, as if the internet does not take up enough of her time. She added AIM to her repetoire last night under BlueBlogger. Add her to friends if ya wish, but be warned, she does not log in after tub time.


  1. Harriet, we hardley knew ye.

    My favorite defense of her nomination, offered by the President, was that she (since he knew and liked her heart) was not the type to change her mind about anything over a twenty-year period. He said that, in so many words.

    It's funny, that he thought, or thought his base thought, that was a good thing, in and of itself. It was also funny, because it probably was not true since she has changed her mind many times about many things. With friends like this?

  2. That has been his weapon of choice all along. Nothing he likes better than not changing. Ever. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Nope, not gonna do it.


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