Monday, October 10

She makes it look easy...


Several friends have commented, and her husband has complained, that Blue Gal has been blogging a lot. And that it must be terribly time consuming to come up with a topic and write something funny about it.

But when Kos hints Dubya should nominate someone who has no allegiance to him, Mister Dean wants him to stop hiding the salami, our fearless leader his own self FLIP FLOPS on whether God told him to invade Iraq, and then God His Own Self denies taking the call...well...let's just say this is not the most difficult job Blue Gal's ever hadda do.

Some bloggers are looking at the threat of Avian Bird Flu as some sort of Karl Rove inspired conspiracy. But the actual Avian Bird Flu conspiracy has nothing to do with Karl Rove, and everything to do with Alexander McQueen Couture at Milan Fashion Week. Here's proof:

yes, those are "God is sending the flu" flip flops

The most difficult blogging decision today was whether to include that image or just link to it. Blue Gal readers entrust her with those kind of tough decisions, and she hopes and prays that she never betrays that trust. But she suspects she just did. Uh, sorry.

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  1. I gots to get me one of those capes. If that is not the tackiest thing I have ever seen! My laughter has boosted my immune system to the point that I don't have to worry about the avian flu. Thanks!


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