Monday, October 31

Happy, uh, Fall Festival?


Blue Gal's so busy dodging "Fall Festivals" she can't stand it. These are the Bible Belt's answer to that evil holiday, Halloween. So the churches down here have a "fall festival" complete with costumed children, candy, and a Veggie Tales puppet show so the little goblins can go home thinkin' 'bout how Jesus died up there on the cross rather than how the boogie man's gonna get them.

More on this from World O' Crap, who does a much better job and Explaining It All For You than Blue Gal could.

Oh, and if ya wanna discuss Dubya's new nomination, go 'head, consider this an open thread. But read profmarcus on the dangers of changing the subject first.

Happy Halloween, you good little children. And God Bless.


  1. I'm thinking a Fall Festival has to be less offensive than one of those haunted houses where bad bad women are haunted by their aborted babies.

  2. Luckily we still have Halloween up here in evil NYC - I'm going trick-or-treating in Mayor Bloomberg's building dressed as Freddie Ferrer. Wonder if I'll get any big apples with razor blades?

  3. I just noticec the Media Matters link...Weird Wally is also thinking of ways to piss of Bill O'Reilly and tonight he will wear his Bill O'Rielly mask and run amock through his neighborhood verbally abusing all the adults who don't agree with WW.

  4. Watch out, qwerty. Some Baptist preachers'll think you've got a good idea there.

    Blue Gal has given up all hope of ever appearing on the Factor. Sigh.

  5. Kaminishiki7:00 AM

    Gee, the Christians are becoming more pagan to spin out the message they are more Christian! What fun! Battle of the Faiths! Fall Smackdown, Los Dias De Los Muertos vs. Fall Festival, at your local Mall...
    Read these pages and see if the pagans might have more fun:, And then there's the old problem of death, dying, who dies, who doesn't, and how these holidays may help deal with all that

    Yeah, so get rid of that death theme in Halloween, and just leave death to God's Chosen Hand in DC, in his country building and, er, city drowning, and stuff...

  6. Oh, Blue Gal, surely you know by now - you're not 'man enough' to go on the Factor! Only 'manly, masculine he-men' allowed! That rugged, virile Bill O'Reilly would make mincemeat out of a pore li'l ole Blue Gal like you...

  7. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Strange. I taught in elementary school for three years, not so long ago, and I never had any problem with Halloween parties for my class. There were always some parents who kept their kids home that day, and for the Christmas party as well, but that was their right. It didn't fuss anybody and no one ever tried to stop the rest of us from having a party. On Halloween lots of kids come to office on our town square, where all the businesses give out candy. Could "stereotyping" be at work here? But surely not.


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