Friday, October 21

But where is the DeLay photo?


Aw no you don't. Blue Gal is gonna be one blog that doesn't post that ugly grimace. But in the words of another fallen Republican crook, let me say this about that.

1. Kudos to the handlers. Blue Gal hopes her own Christmas Card photo looks as good. You trumped all expectations for the glazed eye, black and white, prisoner with a number shot. [PS the famous Helen Wheels has her example here.] We lefty bloggers haven't been disappointed this good for a while. It's too bad you guys don't work for FEMA, New Orleans would be rebuilt by now.

2. On the other hand, you now work for an indicted and soon to be convicted felon. But with a look like that, meebe Borowitz is right and your boss can just go on raising money in prison.

3. The best alternative DeLay photo is with Blue Gal's long time friends at Falafel Sex.

Yesterday was a real busy day at Blue Gal, and a few of her readers spent the boring work day watching her hit counter go up, for fun. If yer brain is bored today, she suggests this really good poem at Writer's Almanac.

Finally, Blue Gal had an interesting query yesterday in her email:

Blue Gal, I'm discouraged. Are we lefty bloggers just the same one hundred thousand people talking to each other over and over again?

Answer: Why yes we are, reader. But we are the cool one hundred thousand people talking to each other over and over again.

Blue Gal loves her new readers, specially those who wrote in or commented. Her calendar is gettin' full with all the reciprocal visits she plans to make in kind.


  1. At Agitprop, the picture of Dorian DeLay speaks volumes about the Dear [Former Majority] Leader.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    Good observations about the DeLay shot.

  3. I have some work to do yet with that photo.... a different point of view will appear soon. Stay tuned.

  4. Hopefully some genius (not this one) will collect all the photoshops of this one into one marvelous (yet admittedly temporary) blog.

    Blue Gal predicts this will become known as the "Delay smile" and will be replicated by many other indicted Republicans in the coming days. Grinning like a buncha ijits on their way to the slammer...

  5. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who actively courts new fans and watches the hit counter go up while chewing his fingernails.

    It's especially good to meet a new fan who lives in a so-called red state. And it's doubleplusgood when I meet a chick with a sharp tongue. I can count on the fingers of one hand all the female bloggers whose caustic wit can even approach The Rude Pundit's and driftglass's.

  6. Just noticed that you have a degree from Brandeis in Waltham, MA. I live in central Massachusetts, in case you don't know.

  7. Hi Blue Gal! Thank you for stopping by Hooterville!I'm going to be a regular visitor here, also - I like your style!


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