Monday, October 3

Quotes for the day...


Regarding the new SCOTUS nominee...

"I reserve the right to change my mind, but Miers' biggest sin, at this early juncture, is her allegiance to Bush." --Kos at Daily Kos

Blue Gal couldn't agree more. There are plenty of white women with absolutely no judicial experience, Blue Gal her own self, for one, who have not a single lick of allegiance to Bush, and can prove it before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Dubya should nominate one of them. (If nominated, Blue Gal reserves the right to sneak a wink or two to Senator Ted during the hearings. Liberal fossils turn her on.)

In Book Reviews:

"That Ann [Coulter] is a regular Henny Youngman! (Except that, despite being dead for several years, he's still funnier.)"
World o' Crap
, one of Blue Gal's new favorite blogs. Read the entire post, for it will make you laugh.

And despite Blue Gal being an advertising free zone:

This episode brought to you by Fidel Castro for Stroh's Light.


  1. That Ann Coulter piece is hysterical!

  2. i like your blog... your sense of humor reminds me of several people i've known in my dark and checkered past... :)

  3. Psst! Go check out the Yarn Harlot, GF. Her story for Oct. 3 is a clue as to How Bad Things Are.

    It's not that she was stopped from bringing her knitting onto the airplane. Noooo. Much worse than that. She's Canadian, and way too polite to ask WHAT our educational system is producing, in terms of (in)ability to think critically.

    Me, I'm worried now. 'Cept when good thangs happen, like reading your blog.


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