Friday, October 7

In local news...


Blue Gal's being told that Alabamians need to hang their heads in shame 'cause their Senator, Jeff Sessions (R - idiot)* voted against the anti-torture bill.

*Hat tip: Birmingham Blues. And good one, Blues, on Blue Gal's own congressman Spencer Bachus postponing indefinitely a fundraiser for Tom DeLay. We used to have a phrase up in Massachusetts: "Dawn breaks over Marblehead..."

Anyhoo, just a reminder to y'all that Alabamians ain't never picked up their heads since George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door. Shame, especially of our politicians, comes naturally down here.

Speaking of shame, isn't it ironic that the Nobel committee awarded the Peace Prize to a guy who Bushco tried to get fired? Blue Gal, once again, can't stop laughing.

The Don't Sugarcoat It Award goes the inspirationally named Hey Jenny Slater blog for this first-rate review:

If you have ever dreamed of a day when you would finally cease to be amazed by just how far some Republicans can willingly bury their snouts in George W. Bush's hiney-hole, Blogs for Bush is, unsurprisingly, not for you. They tie themselves into such fanciful knots trying to spin Bush as a genius that you really just can't help but laugh, and the closest the site ever comes to anything approaching actual debate is when one of the bloggers says Bush is awesome and another one insists he is, in fact, really really awesome.

Blue Gal cut and paste this here but left out the Blogs for Bush link. Find it for yourselves, readers, Blue Gal has no desire to go there.

Have a nice weekend, folks, and keep the faith.


  1. I think I'll skip the Blogs for Bush too. I can just imagine. He's, like, so cool. Like, really awesome. I mean he's, like, Commander in Chief or something, right? Ick.

  2. I thought it was a sexual blog list so I took a peek.....I was wrong :). Things they are discussing include Ann Coulter (the are mad at her), how Harriet Miers is perfect for the job, how there is no evidence against DeLay, and how they just thought the Prez was simply brilliant during his little speech the other morning. Gag. I did enjoy the banner ads:
    Click here if you are tired of dating liberals! (conservativematch - sweethearts not bleeding hearts)

    and this goody

    Shouldn't Ted Kennedy be in Jail? Click Here!

  3. Some conservative bloggers are willing to discuss things intelligently, but these group blogs are a different story. The Wide Awakes, Stop The ACLU, Cao's Blog (it's one person but she has a fleet of pitbulls at the ready) -- these wingnuts don't want to hear any dissenting views.

    I've never looked at Blogs For Bush. I think I'll pass.


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