Friday, October 28

The Democrats have a little problem...


This just in from American Prospect, which Blue Gal can only describe as Neo Lib:

DEPARTMENT OF "HEH." At Nancy Pelosi's press conference today, the subject of the Democrats' new agenda package and the planned date of its unveiling came up:

Q: To follow up on the other question about the agenda, when do you think we might be able to get an idea about the Democrats' agenda that you were talking about?

Ms. Pelosi: When we are ready to do so. As I said, it would be helpful if there were no arrests, subpoenas, or indictments on whatever day it is. We would like a clear shot at it.

It's a legitimate concern.

Nonetheless, Blue Gal is bracing herself to be disappointed by Fitzmas. Besides, two o'clock eastern is too early in the day for champagne. But meebe some Sam Adams Octoberfest?

Off-topic, what's with sticking little yellow flags with Dubya's picture on it on dog poop? Is this some kind of artistic statement about pooper scooper laws, political advertising, or the President's policies? The medium is the message? Uh, Blue Gal is confused, and art that is confusing is not funny. Blue Gal sprang from the loins of artists, uh, sorry about that visual, but still. She was brought up to know that art that is not funny should at least be a "giggle in the middle of a nightmare." [Hat tip, BG's mom. and BG's Dad has a funny postcard here, btw.]

BG is not giggling at yellow Bush flags in dog poop. It is just too obvious.

Have a good weekend, dear readers.


  1. Now if you were to tape those little flags to quarts of OIL.. I think THAT would be funny.

  2. An oft-cited criticism of those of us on the left is that we can't manage to agree on anything.

    The statement does have a kernal of truth to it. Because we value individual expression over group conformity, we will always have a hard time building consensus. Our strength, diversity, is often our weakness.

    And, what is more, we have a nauseating tradition of trying so desperately to include every last niche/subcategory of people to make sure that no one's feelings get hurt... that we often don't actually stand for much of anything.

    Democrats need to come down firmly on something substantive. We know what we don't like and don't wish to become, but do we know what we are?

  3. oh, and do wish me a happy belated birthday.

    you DO, of course, remember the date, perchance?

  4. Blue Gal

    Is your dad a subgenious?

  5. Dad has always been in tune with all things Bob. And happy birthday, Comrade. We Dems try to include everybody long as they're pro-choice. No room for any shades of gray there, at least not at the conventions. Too bad. Makes us kinda look, ya know, intolerant.


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