Saturday, October 1

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for Oct 1


Blue Gal does not kid herself that most of her readers have not already read this. Between Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars, this wonderful rant has had over seven hundred comments, mostly of the "you go, Hunter!" variety.

But he still wins the "Don't sugarcoat it" award for today. Rarely on the internet is something this long worth reading, but this is worth every minute. Congratulations, Hunter.

Blue Gal is a little behind on her bloglines reading, and just learned that Martian Anthropologist is in the hospital. Speedy recovery, Martian, we love ya.


  1. NOT On topic but...
    I know you've seen the current,"go to google, type in failure and hit I feel lucky". Saw a new one today, but this time it's type in "moron". BG, you will like this site - it sure made me laugh

  2. hi blue gal
    great site - you open my eyes every time!



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