Sunday, October 23

Just a little weekend housekeeping...


Blue Gal cleaned up her sidebar a bit and added her Bloglines subscriptions. If yours is over there, Blue Gal reads it.

If yours isn't over there, consider yerself invited to post yer blog in comments below and Blue Gal will give it a look see. Happy to do so, too.

Finally, those of you who link to Blue Gal, thank you. The name of this blog is "Blue Gal". If you have the old name, Blue Gal in a Red State, she changed it so she would not be in competition with blogs of the same name. When you get a chance (no rush) please update your sidebars. And thanks.


  1. Taking a moment to thank you for the link to my blog in your Blog Links section! I read your blog almost daily, keep up the good work as well as the humor!

  2. Love and kisses once again to Falafel Sex. (see link to FS on Blue Gal's sidebar, then see their sidebar. They just simply rock.


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