Saturday, May 6

I feel sorry for...

from the Wobblies myspace site. More on them later.

...people who are threatened by languages other than English.

When two guys behind me start speaking a language other than English, I know they must be talking about my butt and how much they wanna do me.

The idea that Laura Bush is muy caliente.

Blue Gal, on the other hand?

"Hombre, podría hacer que ella pide."

"Hombre, podría hacer ella me pide a que pare." ***

***My Spanish is limited to what I can get offah Babelfish, but it means, roughly, "Man, I could make her beg." "Man, I could make her beg me to stop."


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Si. That's all th'Spanish this pirate knows, but I be impressed by yer command o'Babelfish!

  2. Having travelled the world I happen to be fluent in every language except Greek. My only problem is that all of them, including Americanized English, are Greek to me.

  3. Je t'aime, Blue Gal!

  4. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Aw, hell, all I know is "chupa mi culo". Which wouldn't be bad, except I'm not a chick.

  5. Don't pay any attention to Doug...

  6. I think that the Mexican anthem should be translated into English.

    And sung at public events.

  7. Among translators living biculturally, do you know what the single highest-ranking reason our teens are prepared to learn the other lanugage (not the one spoken around them) for is?

    Checking out, as it were, the lay of the land.

    Which is how it happens that I've heard such discussions at family-oriented conferences with teens in Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, French (Canadian-style), Basque... ...and why I've needed some tutoring on the finer points of human anatomy in Dutch...

  8. I learned my limit of Spanish from Steve Martin (Wild and Crazy Guy). If you don't get that then perhaps you're too young or don't like Steve Martin or could really care less about my limited Spanish.) My oldest brother speaks and writes and reads fluently in Spanish. Married a woman from Mexico and lives there now. Long story short- I get the gist just not all the words... :>)

  9. Casa de Pepe! Boy, does that take me back.

  10. I'm going to go to babelfish and find out what "chupa mi culo" means. I'll be right back...

  11. I'll never be the same.

  12. Anonymous4:36 PM

    haha. Just did the translation too.

    fun stuff.

  13. Laura Bush is muy caliente like a a steaming turd tostito--encased in a temptingly hot yet bland outer shell,the actual contents leave much to be desired. I'd rather eat my own unlaundered socks.


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