Monday, May 29

Internet panties, etc.


Two very cool findings:

If you are new to blogging, or just want to learn a little more HTML, this site is very helpful. It allows you to edit some sample HTML on the left side of the screen, and with one click see the result on the other side of the screen. This without messing up your own blog. You can cut and paste code you like to your blog template when you're done. Wicked.

Also, if you have lots of time to waste online (and who doesn't?) this is extremely cool. You may have to download Shockwave 10, but it's worth it. h/t to Spork who got it from Drifty. Love on you boys.

'Course Blue Gal won't be playing with that for a few weeks. She's summering (that is SO not a verb) in a blue state which is cool, lovely, and fun, but the house is on dial-up. The miracle of transcontinental air travel means that Saturday your Alabama neighbor has scraped the W sticker off her white Cadillac Esplanade, and two days and a couple thousand miles later, your Washington State neighbor still has the Kucinich sticker on her 1985 Volvo. I like it here.


  1. Three cheers for Blue Gal!

  2. Careful now, Blue Gal! WA is beautiful and a liberal oasis, but. . .stay too long and you'll get all green and fuzzy! (For the slower readers, it rains all the time there ;)


  3. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Yar, glad t'know ye be safe in yer summer port, BG.

    Is it too maudlin t'say I miss th'days yer not on yer blog?

  4. I'm just glad there are no 404 "Not Found" panties...

  5. Oh, thanks for the tutorial link. Much needed help!

  6. And ust when I found you. Ah well Time waits for no Man (or woman) but this Man can wait for Blue Gal. Thanks for html link, and have a nice hols/break. Laters ... Q

  7. A few misconceptions to correct:

    John, honey, I'm northwest of Seattle and we send nearly all our rain there. Has something to do with the mountains and Puget Sound and I don't get it. But we get significantly less rain than Seattle.

    Eli you talk about not found panties like it's a bad thing...

    Quasar9 and Captain I'm writing my posts in works and then posting them slooowly so not to worry. Blue Gal is still on the case, 'cause 29% is too good to leave alone. xoxoxo

  8. Oh, you lucky girl! It is hotter than the hinges here in the lovely Southeast right now. Enjoy the wonderful weather and beautiful scenery, and be sure to find an Internet cafe so you can send pictures.

  9. Panties not found is fine, but if the 404 refers to the contents, there's a problem.

  10. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Nice to be living among like-minded individuals, eh? Too bad Mr. Blue Gal can't find a nice post out this way.

    In my part of the Pac Northwest, we have way too many rednecks. A few more rednecks than libs, actually, although in Oregon we have enough libs to keep Ron Wyden in Congress. Yay, Wyden!


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