Monday, June 5

25th Anniversary

Of AIDS as a named disease...


Thanks to Divajood for the panties and the reminder.


  1. I hate to think that people will forget what is the 4th leading cause of death worldwide.

    And, oh, Blue Gal, I think you are ready for the ole Bifocals -- it's DivaJood with a D, not JivaJood.

    Thanks for putting up the panties.

  2. sad, sader still to think we might not have as big of a problem if not for reagan turning his back on AIDS, not careing because he thought it a gay disease, some sort of divine punishment.

  3. Have you ever heard about bug chasers?

    They are a small, but extremely stupid group of gay men who deliberately try to get HIV. They tattoo a minus sign on their arms and once they are confirmed infected, they have the minus turned into a plus sign.

    Yes, I am aware that this sounds like an urban legend, but I kid you not.

    I suppose some people just don't want to feel left out.

    That's so asinine, though.

  4. i've heard about it, didn't know the name for it.
    people can be odd!

  5. Divajood do I have late onset dyslexia or what? That's it, no more blogging before coffee.

    Man, Comrade, that bug chasing is right up there with the guy who castrated himself and called it performance art. One can go to far.

  6. tale osnet dylsexia sounds about right. Definately caused by not enough coffee.

    Hadn't heard about bug chasers; what a tragic and self-defeating form of insanity.

    There's no cure for AIDS yet primarily because people (specificially the USA) have marginalized it as either a "Gay" disease or limited to IV drug users, the poor and disenfranchized. IT IS NOT LIMITED TO ANY GROUP. AIDS is a disease that doesn't care about social status -- it is a killer, it is everyone's responsibility.

    One more reason to vote Blue.

  7. It is amazing that 25 years on and AIDS still carries the primary stigmatization that it always had, particularly in the US. Most Western countries still view people who have it as those who "deserve" to have it, most North American's still think of it as a gay male disease (1 million Chinese in Hunan and 2.3 million children in Africa might think otherwise...).

    Thank you for highlighting the anniversay. As I tend to get too emotional for clear discourse on this subject.


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