Tuesday, June 27

Drinking it up with the Clintons

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This post was gonna be about how mad I was at Bill Clinton, for offering a free mug with a $40 contribution to his Foundation. Mr. Blue Gal got this letter from none other than James Carville making the offer. My mug is way nicer, cheaper, and holds more coffee.

But then I go the clintonmuseumstore.com and woo Nelly! There's enough booze glasses there to start yer own bar.

And hey Mr. Carville, what exactly are you trying to say with a pint glass with Hillary's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on it? I mean, at one level it is a real nice touch: I know that whole episode drove ME to drink.

It's just another reason kids, to yearn for the end of the current administration. That Laura Bush shot glass collection is gonna be hot.


  1. The Bush family collection will include a metal cocaine-snorting tube, made to look like an excess piece of oil pipeline tubing, and a nifty glass that hides whiskey in it while the outside of the glass appears to look like diet soda.

    The best vices are secret vices for La Famiglia Bush...

  2. Okay Aloysha, but seriously, why would anyone buy one of these? To drink while you bake? To show support for Hillary? With her cookie recipe? I'm stymied.

  3. Hi Blue Gal, hi Alyosha, back to some semblance of sanity. I just stumbled into a Republican ladies and single blog or two. Man is that a parallel world they live in? If one didn't know they are mostly descended from Old Europe, one would think they are aliens from another planet invading earth disguised as humans, yep remember V the series. Q

  4. Hi Blue Gal, I just tried to post a comment but it disappeared, dunno where. Must be Republican censorship. Anyway just to let you know I accidently fell into some parallel Republican world for a while, but I'm back. laters...Q

    oh! it did get posted, my previous comment just appeared from cyberspace somewhere

  5. Speaking of drinking vessels...guess who's quaffin' grog from her BLUE GAL PANTIES MUG RIGHT THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY? Aye...sigh, it be heaven in ceramic.

  6. This item is a mystery indeed. I never drink when I cook, but I've been known to drink while I'm baked.

    Perhaps that is the secret hidden within the combo cookie recipe and beerstein. It must only be used while inhaling; then you look at the glass and say "Man, these cookies sure would taste good right now."

  7. I assume the Bush Family collection will come with a box of ziploc baggies... You'll need something to slip those booze bottles in when you hide them in the toilet tank!

    Oh, they hold that there coke pretty good, too.

  8. The Laura Mug should be marketed toward the middle and lower classes and it should be made of cracked glass and only come in yellow and it should have Thomas Sowells The Poverty Pimp's Poem etched in black or brown letters, and, of course, they must have a very razor sharp rim for plunging into the chest of all those foolish enough to buy the damn thing!

  9. It's probably psy-warfare on Bush, taunting the fucker with glasses he isn't allowed to use for what he'd like to drink.

  10. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Great coffee mug on your picture! I love it!


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