Friday, June 16

Need a few ideas, folks.


Blue Gal's gal pal Akabini already promotes a terrific line of "Fuck off, I'm knitting" merchandise at her Cafepress store. We're working together on adding a "Fuck off, I'm blogging" coffee mug.**

Is that the right phrase, though?

"f-o, I'm knitting" is kinda funny, because unless you are a serious knitter you don't associate telling people that while you're knitting. If you are a serious knitter you totally get it.

But bloggers say that all the time. A Google Blog Search brings up 320,700 hits for the term. But maybe that means more mug sales.

Can anyone think of a better phrase? Please nothing cutesie. I'm gonna break my own rule and delete comments with cutesie.

"Kiss me I'm blogging" will get flamed, and anything cuter will get your home phone number emailed to Michelle Malkin.

BTW these mugs are huge and perfect for blogging I use my knitting mug to blog all the time.

**Okay, okay, okay! The fifth person has asked me to come out with "Blue Gal panties" T-shirts. I. Get. It! This fall, I promise. My idea is to have a picture of panties on the shirt with a Blue Gal kinda logo. We'll get there, but I'm not marketing panties. That's not appropriate, unless you want them as a collector's edition or something.


  1. How about, "Don't fuck with someone holding a pair of knitting needles". You're a pretty smurfy blue gal, Blue Gal.

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    How about "Fuck off, I'm working on my panties!"

  3. "I'm bloggin' here!" would probably be a little too subtle...

    Or maybe something with "BILF"...

  4. In a nod to Greatest Husband who thinks I spend too much time blogging and not enough time with him: "Blog Off. I'm Fucking!"

  5. You could borrow from our cousins overseas and say "Bugger Off, I'm Blogging." Nothing like a bit of alliteration, eh?

  6. i'm voting for the "bugger off..."

    it has just the right sound!

  7. trixter4:21 PM

    How about "I know it will be hard for us to be apart my sugar-plum darling, but you must please leave me alone after you've brought me a warm, gooey cinnamon bun and said to me 'I wuv oo' and snuggle-cuddled me with stuffed rainbow ponies, cuz i'm blogging!"

  8. Oh Pleasssseeee don't delete me. Michelle may just think I'm cute and I so don't want her to have my number.

    Yarned, and dangerous.(or, Kiss my ass I'm....)
    Heavily Yarned.
    Fuck you and that cross stitching friend your rode in with!

  9. "WARNING! Blogger in mid-rant, proceed with caution!"

    "Love me, love my blog"

    "B log
    L iberal
    O r
    G o away"

  10. How about:

    I blogged Bush and didn't even get a crappy coffee mug!

    Friends don't let friends blog.

    Unleash the blogs of war!

    My blog can kick your honor student's ass.

    Earth first...we'll blog the other planets later.

    Blogger is the Commodore 64 of the blogging world.

    I love the smell of blogging in the morning!

    Rant and blog are both four letter words.

    I blogged Blue Gal and all I got were these panties.

    My head hurts. (That was a statement, not a suggestion.)

  11. I just found this and thought you might be interested:,,2-2226456,00.html

  12. "Rim me, I'm blogging" ?

    Yeah, I know, everything goes anal with me.

    Blog off?

  13. Oh, these are great. Looks like we have a collection of mugs. I have nothing to add (since I'm officially on hiatus)--just wanted to giggle out loud.

  14. Yowza...these are all grand!

    Omnipotentpoobah...yer on a ROLL!

    Well, many choices for Blue Gal on these ideas.


  15. How about "I wanted to drink from her panties and all I got was this lousy mug"?

    I'll... er... get me coat.

    Fuck Or Suck, Whatever Floats You Boat

  17. make that "your boat"

  18. Have a nice day.
    By yourself.


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