Saturday, June 10

Oy! Markos! I'm getting verklempt!


From the New York Frickin' Times, of course:

[Bloggers] may think of themselves as rebels, separate from mainstream politics and media. But by the end of the day on which the convention halls were shoulder to shoulder with bloggers, Democratic operatives, candidates and Washington reporters, it seemed that bloggers were well on their way to becoming -- dare we say it? --part of the American political establishment. Indeed, the convention, the first of what organizers said would become an annual event, seems on the way to becoming as much a part of the Democratic political circuit as the Iowa State Fair.

"It's 2006, and I think we have arrived," [Markos announced.]

I'm sorry...(sob)...I'm getting verklempt...I didn't go to the Yearly Kos Convention in hang out with the Kossacks...Alright, catch my breath. Just turn to the editorials...OY! A column by MAUREEN FRICKING DOWD, too?

Technology has enabled the not-meek to inherit the earth, and Democrats and others who refuse to drink the cyber-Kool-Aid...


...will, Mr. Moulitsas said, go into the old "dustbin of history."

So now we've got our own Kool-Aid? Oy-yoy-yoy! Alright, alright, I'll be fine. Give me a moment: "Blogging is becoming both mainstream and media because the outsider always becomes the insider, unless you're Daily Kos, in which case..." I can't go on. Discuss amongst yerselves...


  1. Anderson Cooper6:44 PM

    Ah yes, quite the ego festival for the Kossack frat house. Oy! Did I just say that? Well, that cancels my blogosphere membership right there, you betcha.

  2. Feelin' pretty safe here in me ship--that is unless everyone suddenly wants t'become a lesbian Pirate Queen.

    O'course, if they do, I'll be visitin' 'em with th'pointy edge o'me blade...

    BG, ye know there be NO ONE like ye out there an' there be no one like me. Ye be lak buttah...

    If everyone is considered mainstream because they blog about th'same things, then we'll just talk about somethin' else. ;)

    Ye'd best get th'rugelach out o'th' oven, it smells like it's done.

  3. Bloggers are part of the Democratic establishment?

    I didn't know we liked Lieberman and Roberts and Hayden and Alito and "bankruptcy reform" so much.

  4. What's with all the Yiddish? You getting ready for my visit?

    Cap'n Dyke, in my next life as a woman, can I be a lesbian Pirate Queen?

  5. Doug,

    "Cap'n Dyke, in my next life as a woman, can I be a lesbian Pirate Queen?"

    Nathan Lane already requested it. How about a bisexual Buttercup?

  6. Captain.

    I do not know how these boys got onto this particular thread. But below decks, we can make them whatever you want them to be. It's your ship.

    I await your orders. And the rugelach is nosh on...for after.


    The Blogmate and First Lieut.,
    Blue Gal

  7. Ahhh, Douglas, bein' th'Pirate Queen is like bein'Buffy th'Vampire Slayer. As long as I'm alive, there can be only one. I've been kickin' around fer three centuries now...but feel free t'apply fer th'position when I'm gone!

    BlogMate/1st Lieu. BG, let's nosh on th'rugelach now--before we start on th'boys. We'll need th'strength t'carry out punishments properly.

    With eternal affection, Th' Cap'n

  8. Strange.

    I've never once thought of myself as mainstream.

    I just want to be an influential eccentric.

  9. I'm amazed they had any room for participants once they crowbared Kos' ego in there.


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