Monday, June 26

Support Gay Marriage? I do.

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Nice writeup in The New Yorker (Hendrik Hertzberg, love him) on the whole gay marriage distraction, particularly those numbnuts claiming gay marriage as an "attack" on marriage in general:

It's a strange sort of attack, to be sure: a wonderfully pacific attack, a supportive attack, ...consisting, as it does, of the earnest wish of certain loving couples to join themselves to that very institution and thus to feel themselves, and be accepted as, full members of the American (and human) family.

...In the past forty years, the definition of marriage has indeed been changed, not by any homosexual master plan but by an epidemic of heterosexual divorce. Marriage is a social good -- Bush is certainly right about that -- but it has become a disposable good.

That is, for us heterosexuals who take it for granted. Hertzberg ends his comment by recommending Bush worry about the massive increase in divorces among those serving in Iraq. Huh.

Sorry folks, for sounding like a "thumper," as one reader has called me, but to me marriage is a sacrament. And as a sacrament its lessons, and blessings, should be available to all of God's children.


I had the chance to re-watch The Celluloid Closet this weekend. It's worth seeing again or for the first time. It's a little amusing to watch Armistead Maupin and Gore Vidal and Quentin Crisp and even Susie Bright talk about how closeted everything was, but then when you see the film clips you realize just how hard it was to watch the inevitable suicide of nearly every gay (though they would never say the word) character in film for decades. And the number of times "faggot" is used as an insult, particularly in teen comedies. Sheesh. Go rent it.


Finally, thanks to Don for pointing out that (only in) Alabama, where voters have defined marriage as one man plus one woman, one man did try to marry one woman and still had a little trouble. Okay, he 's a transvestite. But he was biologically a man. Just not man enough for the judge in one Alabama county. Next county over they got married, but I might have a problem with marrying a transvestite because no doubt the "big-ass bow" on the back of most Alabama wedding dresses would look much better on his butt than on mine. That is all.


  1. See, that's why 'all' of us love ye so much. BG loves ye for who ye are, not what ye are.

    As for th'big-ass bow...just attach one t'your butt an'we'll take a vote. Nay, ye need t'turn a lil' t'your right... ;)

  2. Ohhhhh, thumper = bible thumper. At first I thought it was a new term for a breeder.

    BTW, I've been invited to a real, government-sanctioned same-sex wedding, but got uninvited when the guys decided to drop the big production and just do a quickie at City Hall. Booo.

  3. My problem with gay marriage is that if you call someone at home, you can't immediately tell if you're talking to the person you've called or their spouse.

    I think this is a very serious objection that the liberal blogosphere has yet to address.

  4. Lesbian/Gay Rule #432: After five years together, th'couple sound identical on th'phone.

    Ye see? There's no helpin' it. It's in THE RULES.

  5. it is so so sad and stupid that we have to discuss this at all. it's a no brainer really. love is love and marriage is for any 2 people that love each other enough to want to make it legal and to declare it to the world. it's a human thing, it's the right thing and life is hard enough as it is .if someone is lucky enough to find someone that wants to share it and make it better than it was, then i say hooray for them and can i have a big piece of wedding cake please?

  6. If you decide to have a relationship with a person of the same sex, make sure they don't have the same first name as you do.

    It's just too revoltingly cute.

    For example, check out this answering machine message

    (Hello! I'm Greg!

    And I'm Greg!

    We're not home right now, but if you'd please leave a message, one of us will call you back!



  7. The politically astute recall that Ohio cast the decisive vote to re-elect a sociopath. This was done by pulling rednecks out of the woodwork to vote on State Issue 1, which outlawed gay marriage.

    State support for public schools ranks 46th in the nation.

  8. I'd reckon no self-respecting trasvestite would wear a dress with a big-ass bow anyway. Well, maybe Divine would have, but she was in a class all of her own.

    I posted on a similar theme today. I still can't get the hang of why it's anyone else's business who someone wants to marry and how that has anything to do with devaluing marriage for the heteros.

    Seems to me the "thumpers" ought to be praising their God of choice that someone actually wants to enter into a sacred covenant, but I guess as an aethist I'm just too religious to understand.

  9. the definition of marriage has indeed been changed, not by any homosexual master plan but by an epidemic of heterosexual divorce

    This hits the nail right on the head. The whole "Protect the Sanctity of Marriage" deal is just a way for straights to pretend they're doing something to "protect" marriage without having to actually change their behavior.


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