Saturday, June 3

A note on the panties...


By now, most of you know that Blue Gal posts pix of panties both as a way to drive up traffic from horny search engineers and also as a joke about same. The panties are so popular that she's even receiving submissions of panties pictures from readers. Thanks folks, and keep them coming.

A guideline for submissions: as a general rule, Blue Gal does not post pictures of women actually wearing the panties. This is not a moral choice, merely an aesthetic decision. I suspect that pictures of women (even, or perhaps especially, female torsos merely showing the modelled panties) affects a specific section of the reader's brain, also known as the "little head," which, while powerful, already does way too much thinking on the internet. Blue Gal is always going for the higher order thinking, the big head and the funny boner bone.

But on a related topic, do you have any idea how much bad porn I have to wade though in order to provide these images? Seriously, there are some girls out there who need to take a shower. And being hairless down there isn't attractive if you don't do the armpits, too, ladies. Just a tip.

The other day I wandered onto, a site where a young lady provides her readers with a typed description of the panties she is wearing that day. I guess this is a GFE for the techie set, but since she doesn't provide pictures, of the panties alone even, it strikes me as kind of like phone sex without the inflection. Here's a clip:

I bought some new panties this weekend...oh, but I'm not wearing them today. Sorry, maybe I shouldn't bring up new panties unless I'm going to talk about them. Well, I will wear them soon.

Am I making you hot? Have a nice weekend, folks, I'm taking tomorrow off.


  1. Being that I dated two neo-hippie girls, I have to say that armpit hair on females doesn't bother me.

    With men, it's sort of a given.

  2. i can not handle hairy arm pits on women. i just don't like it, but to each their own. i don't mind them on guys, guess it is just what one is used to. about the panty writing, god, i KNOW i could write better porn than that, tho i prefer just a touch of sensuality in my poetry i write, i have been known to go a little full tilt now and again. i have accidentally hit on some sites that even made me turn red while looking for poetry so i suppose looking for panty related subjects you must have to swim through some radical porn. a thank you from me to you for doing so and finding neat pictures of wonderful panties for us! bravo!

  3. Mmm... metapanties...

  4. The Chimperor probably hasn't seen any "Bush" in awhile-at least, he's not seeing Pickles'.

    There is an interesting little chronicle claiming a relationship between the Chimperor and Condoliesalot Rice has wrecked the Marriage of the Monkey.

  5. Don’t take me the wrong way, I enjoy the panties, but I happen to have an incurable boobies fetish, probably because I was breast fed and never lost my appetite. I guess I was around 14 the first time I managed to get a girl’s bra off, and lo and behold, THERE were a coupla’ hairs as long as any on my head right in my face, but that didn’t bother me because she smelled and tasted so good.


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