Wednesday, June 14

But will they keep it clean? Aw who cares.


I'm getting the email invites out as fast as I can, but hey, if you won a don't sugarcoat it award from this blog, you are hereby invited to guest post at Blue Gal the week of July 3.

I'm not going on vacation, this is just a celebration thing.

The back of the panties are cute, too.



  1. BG probably is too young to remember the old tune, “I’m forever blowing bubbles”

  2. Don't you think they'd look a little... I don't know, inappropriate on a middle-aged woman?

    I guess I'll be guestblogging next month, huh?

    (JP throws boxes here and there looking for female .jpegs...)

  3. Love those panties. When I was in art school, somebody gave me the name "Bubbles." Would that make me Ms. Bubbles?

  4. Jurassic honey, for some of us middle-aged women, Mr. Bubble is the first man we ever loved who loved us back.

  5. Blue Gal, blue with bubbles?

    No wonder Mr bubbles loves yer back, bet he'll always love ya back, foam baths, giggles & laughs. Laters ... Q

  6. I love Mr. Bubbles! Not sure I could think of anything to say as a guestblogger.

    Okay. Maybe I could. :-)

  7. Kay Jen next go-around...

  8. Oh my god... do those come in boy undies?

    Singin' in the bathtub! Happy once again...

    Watchin' all my troubles... go swingin' down the drain!

  9. Thanks for the invite BlueGal, but I will be on vacation then. Great idea though, no doubt it will be a success!


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