Saturday, June 24

"Yeah, but will it help me meet girls?"


The "I'm Blogging" bumpersticker on your car could label you an unsafe driver.

But the "I'm Blogging" bumpersticker on your laptop at the wifi coffeehouse marks you as a cutting edge future-guest-on-the-Sunday-talking-heads-shows celebrity in training!

"Oooh, are you a blogger?"

Yeah, I'm calling Dick Cheney a fascist. Obvious but way fun. Wanna watch?

"'Keep your panties on.' That's too funny! You're cute. Let's get out of here."*

*Results atypical.


  1. *Results atypical.

    I know...I know....

    [weeps quietly to self]


  2. I’ve learned to be a defensive driver, and it’s the girls that worry me the most, even if they aren’t DWB (Driving While Blogging). Those gals who are FWB are a menace on the highways….and FWB isn’t what you may be thinking. It stands for Farding While Driving.

  3. I have found women (and men, but that's another issue altogether) who think that smart/blogging is sexy.

    90% of them don't look like Britney Spears or the latest blonde media sensation, but I pose a question to all of ye out here...

    How many of you would truly be satisfied with a person who isn't capable of speaking in words of more than two syllables?

  4. ready freddie2:49 PM

    I'm with Kevin. The I'm Blogging sticker would (will, BG) be to attract other bloggers, men and women, to conversation, not to attract expensive, self-involved, bimbos to bed, as if I could. I'm too old (and wise, I hope,) to weep over it.

  5. Hey I just came 2 u via peripetia. I'm a left wing uk politics, news,sport etc blogger. Come 2 my blog if u want and comment. Self publicisation out of the way, two questions. How do you get the i'm blogging sticker and where did you get your template from. Cheers from frustrated.

  6. Mug and sticker designed by my friend Akabini on InDesign by Adobe software on her lovely mac in her lovely studio by her lovely self. Then exported to, which is where you can order the swag. Hope that answers your questions, you can always email me at bluegalsblogATgmailDOTcom.

  7. As you know BG, the panties for me are in the way of full disclosure. Isn't that, afterall, the goal? -Governmentally speaking that is. :>)

  8. But sometimes a manly man needs an expensive, self-involved bimbo to warm his bed.

    heh heh

    'Bimbo' always cracks me up. It was the name of my grandparents' standard poodle.

  9. I wanna T-shirt that says that, so I can show that I'm part of the "IN" crowd. You know, one of the COOL kids. -JJ

  10. We're working on T-shirts JJ and will have something in the fall. Thanks. -BG


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