Wednesday, June 21

I got yer coffee mug right here.

You may now visit my cafepress store, thanks to Akabini. Also, did you know that Akabini has a line of shirts with a little tiny logo, "yep, they're real"? For those of us blessed with what mother nature gave us. Loving that spaghetti tank, Akabini, but since mother nature, and being a mother of three, gave me too much for spaghetti to hold up, me be needin' the "extra wide egg noodle" tank top, ma hunnie.

Enjoy the shop, and remember that 10% of my profits go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which benefits bloggers and their rights as writers and journalists. Rock on.


  1. I'm shoppin' fer Blue Gal!

  2. Yep, spaghetti top just screams
    don't it?

    I've long thought The Twins look like an elephant in a string bag in spaghetti tops...

    And you just KNOW what Boyhood would say about that...!

    I knew you when.

  3. Sorry, gals. The "real" line of clothing doesn't really work for us minis - as in, who would believe anyone ordered up ones my size? sheesh (and that word is spelled correctly I'll have you know)

    I'm still a bit miffed that my mug suggestion didn't get picked up but I'll get over it.

    Congrats, BG, on the notoriety your blog is receiving. About time!

  4. Glad to see you've joined the Cafe Press cult! I will add your shop to the links pages on my shops as soon as I get my ass in gear...

  5. glad to see this! ; )


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