Friday, June 2

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for June 2


The lovely text on this motivational poster reads: "If you can fuck an entire country in the ass, not even give them the benefit of a reacharound, and still get them to thank you for it, then you sir, are the man."

h/t to Hey Jenny Slater.

Yeah, yeah, Doug, I know. There I go giving anal a bad name again...


  1. Up the ass, no reacharound, and not wearing a condom... bastard!

  2. Since I too got fucked, can I trade my tax cut for a poster?

  3. Just *one* country? I count at least three, and laying the groundwork for #4...

  4. I would also submit to you that the ability to extract an apology from someone you just shot in the face is a similarl impressive display of leadership albeit on a much smaller scale.

  5. I stand in awe of anyone who works so quickly and dexterously. I would still be enjoying the reacharound.

  6. I knew hollywood cowboys could make it to the Whitehouse, but - now how does the President know what is real and what is 'not'?

  7. Anonymous12:24 AM

    I wouldn't mind so much, except he's so damned homely. And, spit for a lubricant? So déclassé.


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