Monday, June 19

Happy Monday

remember, no Sunday (because of God)

A belated happy 64th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney. Ya know, Paul, it may be time to retire; you're almost as old as Mr. Blue Gal.

Remember Junior's Farm?

At the Houses of Parliament
ev'rybody's talking 'bout the President,
We all chip in for a bag of cement.

And that was 1974.

Department of Setting the Record Straight Here at Blue Gal:

It was nice of Tony Snow to apologize for being an idiot, but when I suggested in this space that he was a complete idiot, I was attempting to be charitable, not clairvoyant.


We really need to stop referring to Ann Coulter as a slut, a whore, etc. Again, being charitable, I ask, are there enough men in the world who would do her on a bet, let alone pay money for the (ahem) privilege? Sure she's thin and blond, but she's also mean and a liar. Guys, doesn't attitude count when you're looking for a prostitute? Just asking.

Oh, and don't tell me she's called that because she whores her books. (That's so obvious that David Horowitz was laughed off Larry King for denying that one.) Come on. Even though BG is both a Frappuccino and a feminist, we don't need gender specific insults for that crime. Bill O'Reilly is a slut and a whore, too, if that's the definition, and I for one do. not. want. to. go. there.

Feel free to call her, along with Michelle Malkin, a demented cunt. I do all the time.

By the way, I'm titheing. 10 per cent of everything I make off of the mugs will go to Electronic Frontier Foundation. The mugs are by a blogger for bloggers, and EFF does a lot to help bloggers defend their rights.


  1. yup- got their banner on my site. thanks. hey- as far as the dregs of society- all of the hoopla surrounding she-who-i-will-not-name has boosted the sale of her "books." i refuse to talk about her at all over yonder- malkin, however, is a different story. the mug slogan is right on!

  2. How'd you get *my* cat to model for you, next to the panties???

  3. Yes, I'd fuck her. It's not like I'd want her to have my phone number or anything. I'm all for the experience, despite the fact that she is, in fact, a vicious cunt.

  4. On general principle, I won't have sex with anyone who hates me, or whom I hate. I've got standards ;)

  5. I can't speak for all men, but I wouldn't do her with someone else's dick. Sure she's thin, but in a starving Ethiopian sort of way. And the blonde hair looks more like blonde rayon to me.

    As for gender specific insults, I prefer to take a different tack and call her a drag queen.

    1. If the Adam's Apple fits, swallow it.
    2. It covers both sexes in a backdoor way (no pun intended), although I guess I should consider the feelings of all the drag queens I probably offend by comparing her to them.

    And yes, attitude counts...and hers sucks like the black hole at the center of whatever universe she comes from.

    I guess I should stop now, huh?

  6. Lawdy this brought you boys outta the "wood"work, pardon the pun.

    Poobah, as usual you understand me completely. I think calling her a slut/whore gives working girls a bad name...

  7. I wouldn't touch that Nazi woman. Values are too important to betray.

  8. Obviously, from some of the comments from other guys, they haven’t spent the last 20+ years of their lives both impotent and everlastingly horney, the combination of which tends to make me deplorably desperate. Yes! I’ll take whatever I can get wherever I can find it, and outward appearances are no deterrent, and political philosophies are not often a subject matter on my mattress.


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