Sunday, June 11

This would win a don't sugarcoat it award...

text reads: "Now, even widows and children are fair game."
Order a pair and other cool stuff from Reddpepper.

If I thought Huff Post needed the hits. Oh, whatever.

Bob Cesca on the writer he refers to only as "Taints B. Adamsapple":

The Taints B. Adamsapple Strategy:

1) Write a book between anal bleachings,
2) Publish the book,
3) Whore book on national television and insult 9/11 widows,
4) Let the good times roll. And by "good times," I mean "piles of cash for more anal bleachings."

There's more you-know-who bashing and it's all funny.

I think you-know-who and their ilk are actually working themselves into irrelevancy. I'll talk more about that later this week. Happy Sunday.


  1. Ann's Nicoderm patch must have hidden her swastika.

  2. Thanks for the link, BG! I love it when my panties show up on my favorite blog.

  3. "There is no such thing as bad publicity". Oscar Wilde

    Moving on.

  4. D'ya think that explains the Israeli gunship that disposed of seven (out of eight) family members picnicking on a Gaza beach on Friday?

    The three year old girl was decapitated. The twelve-year old girl is the only one left.

    Even some Israelis were upset. No one knows why the family was targeted from the offshore destroyer.

  5. Mr. Blue Gal thinks, Shunra, that the Israeli gov't cannot afford to let go of armed conflict. As long as Israel is "threatened" (by children on the beach?) the American gov't will continue to give money. The whole thing gives me the willies, as Israeli "intelligence" is supposed to be among the best.

  6. Israeli intelligence seems to be a state-within-a-state, or even a religion-within-a-religion, considering its method of interantional operation.

    In using the stated religious affiliation of the country in order to recruit and operate agents in other countries, I believe Israel damages both its own interests and those of the Jews worldwide. The temporal distance from untenable situations rises and falls with the breath of international politics, but overall it seems to be converging to zero.


  7. yoga,
    Ann's swastika has been bleached as well...

  8. Dammit, the man is giving anal bleachings a bad name! Why can't we all agree to celebrate the little brown eye? What would you do without it, hmm? And why shouldn't he be as attractive as possible?

    Let me know how much additional traffic you get from "anal bleachings". Excuse me, I meant to say anal bleaching.

    Aaaah. That's better.


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