Friday, July 7

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for July 7

broccoli panties

Usually, the Don't Sugarcoat It Award is reserved for anti-Bush rants. But Rob Helpy-Chalk's lovely post about a day in the life with two young children, "Jesus Fucking Christ, How Goddamn Hard Can It Be to Eat a Piece of Fucking Broccoli?!" struck a chord with Blue Gal and I'm sure, parents of toddlers everywhere.

We still have two more Don't Sugarcoat It Follies entries coming, so I'm told, and they'll be posted when they arrive in my inbox. Have a great weekend.


  1. That can't be real underwear. You had to have Photoshopped that one. C'mon now, fess up. NOBODY makes veggie pants, now, do they?

    Do they?

  2. Oh, there can't be veggie panties but this can be on the Paris runway.

    Actually, I fess up to the photoshop over at Rob's place. No shame.

  3. Anderson Cooper9:04 AM

    Must. Bleach. Eyeballs.

  4. Healthy choice...

    By the way, Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk is very interesting, so much so that it is now on my Echoing Voices sidebar! Thank you, Blue Gal.

  5. Am I the only person who notices that Blue Gal seems to be much more relaxed, less tense, and angry since she has gone on holiday?

    This is why I propose:


    Did you know that every seven minutes, a blue person is born in a red state?

    Won't you please give, so that we can put disenfranchised blue people in blue states where they really belong?

    (Or you can give to BLUE STATE VACATIONS.

    Send a deserving Blue Gal or Blue Guy to a Blue state paradise)

  6. I am so honored to receive a Don't Sugarcoat It Award! And thanks for sending the traffic my way, you've got a great bunch of commenters here.

  7. You're very welcome, Rob. You're one of my favorite diary bloggers.

    Kevin: Blue people belong in red states, where they can change things. But Blue Vacations? I'm sold.

  8. I came from a family where I HAD to eat things. I wouldn't inflict that kind of trauma on even the meanest, nastiest, snottiest little brat.

    We've always had a policy of "at least taste it once before you turn your nose up at it." It's a fair policy and it avoids a hell of a lot of dinnertime drama.


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