Wednesday, July 26

I've been meaning to say...

air force panties

A number of things.

First, there's a possibility that the United States Air Force is reading this blog. Welcome, fly boys. I'm always here for your panties fix. Oh, and to tell you that your commander-in-chief is an asshole, but you knew that.

Next, have you heard that a prisoner at Guantanamo sent a letter to members of Congress and the Defense Department won't let Congress have their mail? As Senator Patrick Leahy asks at the bottom of this letter to Rumsfeld(PDF file), "Is this really happening!" Why, yeah,'s called fascism! Welcome to it! And I'm sure the Secretary of Defense filed your letter right next to those intelligence reports on how many troops it would really take to secure Iraqi borders.

Finally, we all need to laugh until it hurts. Because otherwise we'll have to think about what's happening to our Constitutional rights. Which hurts a little too much this morning, sorry. Well, how about some Republican Shower Curtains from the brilliant Attaturk? Works for me.


  1. That mail non-delivery thing? That scared me.

    I think I'll hide under my table until the election.
    Unless there's something I can do to get those bastards out of office, like, say, campaign volunteer stuff...

  2. Off Topic

  3. Shunra. Or blogging.

    Organic, knitting is never off topic.

    Poetry Man, I'll be right over.

  4. I spent a career in the USAF, went all around this globe we call earth, lifted as many skirts as I could, and never saw any Air Force panties such as BG has on display. I must just have been a man before my time. (sniff, sniff)


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