Monday, July 24

Karl's distractor of the day is...

"Her posture has frustrated numerous allies." - AP

Do not talk to me about her panties; we are not going to go there. It's just that with Condi doing the honors for the decider distractor of the day, my readers need to keep their mouse buttons pointed to Princess Sparkle Pony, who does all my heavy lifting where the Condi is concerned. The blog's hairdo alert system (photo above would trigger an alert fer sure) is one of my favorite regular features.

I just can't wait to see what the princess her own self wears on the Koufax red carpet, too. Something tells me we'll have to find some Ferragamo's in a men's size 13, but it will be worth it.


  1. Is hair really considered part of posture?

  2. You know if the wind blew the other way her face and hair would be frozen that way. Just a thought....Pippa

  3. Actually, it looks like her hair is just on the verge of separating from her head completely.

    And I can hardly blame it.

  4. Condi's panties... You knew this would happen when you said you weren't going there. Can't help it, sorry.

    Not really. so choices are:

    1) 100% cotton "Hanes Her Way?" 2) "Commando" (being that she's the right hand of the "War Preznint") 3) Camouflaged/olive drab army issue (armored, of course) boxers 4) Costum made, 100% silk, so fancy frilly they'd make Victoria's Secret models blush and their designeres swoon wishing they'd thought of them first (hand sewn by S Marianas slave labor, of course) 5) Do they ALWAYS have to match her bra? 5a) If she wears a bra, but say maybe wears pantyhose, would she still wear the matching panties? or would she carry them in her pocket (to thus anally complete the set?) 6) Is she one of those "empowered" women, for whom the more important the event/venue the hotter the lingerie required?



    Split front teeth...

    ???? floss...?

    Soooo many questions. Soooo little time.

  5. "Her posture has frustrated numerous allies." - AP

    Maybe she stoops a bit, but what about her hair?

  6. i know it's a little silly to be talking about her hair, but damn, i know she can afford a better hairsylist than she has!!!!

  7. The other day I heard someone say Condi is Bush's human shield against being accused of racism. *snicker*

    Oh and about the panties – I be she wears tighty whities (see: Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry)

  8. Ferragamos men's size 10.5, please!

  9. OMG! A visit from the princess!

  10. a walking waving caricature, a Bush clone dipped in vaginas and chocolate


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