Tuesday, July 11

Memo to my lurkers...Thank you.

This is yet another blogging about blogging post. Blame it on summer and the slow and silly news cycle. Everyone will be linking to it, but if you missed Susan Madrak on HuffPo today, don't:

Personally, I'm embarrassed by all of us liberal blogofascists insisting on a place in the national discourse simply because we happened to be, um, right about George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Iraq, the WMDs, the allegiances of the corporate media, the steady erosion of civil liberties, global warming, Republican incompetence, hypocrisy, greed and dishonesty, fiscal irresponsibility, the widening chasm between economic classes, and the evergrowing efforts to turn our country into a theocracy.

Not that we're big-headed about it or anything. Huh.

On topic, I've been very interested (and grateful) that a number of lurkers have come out to comment in the past few days. Thank you.

Bloggers tend to be hard on lurkers, and for certain, I would rather have three smart commenters here than three hundred hit-and-runs.

But the fact is, I am blessed with both, and then some. I was struck by OrganicGeorge's comment a couple days ago that a quarter of those attending YearlyKos were not bloggers, and did not even have Daily Kos diaries. At first, I thought, oh come on! Who are these hangers on? But then I realized, wow, they appreciate the blogosphere enough to pay money to meet the people they read. On the blogs. Wow. Just wow.

And at the Olympic Music Festival last Sunday, I got it. I'm sitting there with a few hundred other people listening to Beethoven string quartets. Yep, there were only four people playing instruments, and a few hundred listening. Would anyone rather it was the other way around? Or that everyone in the audience decided to hum along? Audiences are a good thing. If you're not getting enough comments for your egos, bloggers, just remember they're not lurking, they're listening.

So welcome, listening lurkers. Thanks for reading. Thanks for being an audience. We bloggers need you here, whether you comment or not.

Of course, if you decide to join the party, you can wear one of these:



  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Cool site.

  2. blue gal,

    thank you for your acceptance and defense of lurkers. by the connotation of lurker as used in the blogosphere every newspaper reader that doesn't write letters to the editor qualifies as a lurker.

    i think the blobosphere criticism of lurkers is simply wrong. many people don't have the time, or skills, or inclination to blog regularly. in my own experience, it's sometimes too much to simply keep up with reading all the blogs i wish to read.

    so, bloggers, stop bashing lurkers (trolls are a different breed and do deseve bashing, however), and understand that the lurkers are exactly what you want... people who are listening to you and agreeing or disageeing as the case may be. my god, why would you even be blogging if you don't want people paying attention to you?

  3. Excellent point, Beege. Musicians need listeners. Actors need an audience. Writers need readers. What are we writing for, if not to make our voices heard? I, too, am always happy for commenters, if only that they are confirmation that, yes, we're not out there all alone, that someone is indeed listening. While blogging is different than any writing before in that the audience can participate in almost real time, the idea is still to write to an audience, or why bother putting it on the Internet? So, read away, friends - and stop in to say hi if you like!

    I love being able to send a message to people I enjoy reading, if only an acknowledgement of my interest and appreciation. Half the time, I may even get a response!

  4. Blue Gal,
    I still say, Take your panties off (or just don't have any on to begin with) if your blogging!

    It makes more sense, right?

    1. It is liberating!

    2. It frees you in a manner of speaking!

    3. It's cheaper!

    4. Less time consuming!

    5. It's very liberating!

    6. Less laundry!

    7. Less water!

    8. Good for the environment and conservation of water!

    Enough said...


    Oh... And welcome, lurkers...

  5. blue gal,

    true confessions of lurking- but with good intention...found your site off of dave's and fell in love with it...am in divinity school and am happy to read the thoughts of fellow theologians...

    the first entry i read was the "fuck off i'm knitting" cup...i was hooked...

    the daily read to me is inspirational and i get my kicks from reading the emails to jesus...am so thankful for your site...

    ps. not meant for ego boosting:) but if it helps, yeah...

  6. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Blue gal, I stop by everyday at least once, but I also read about 50 other sites too. Just because we "lurkers" (really bad, negative choice of nickname in my opinion) don't comment dosen't mean that we don't appreciate your efforts. Thanks :)

  7. Anonymous3:11 PM

    BG, what say we re-name those who visit blogs for content "gleaners"?

    They stop, taste th'honey an' move on t' th'next deservin' blog...

    I love me readers--whether they comment or not. In me dark pirate heart, I know they be there an' I appreciate 'em.

  8. The purpose of this post was not to de-lurk anybody, obviously! But welcome to those I have not heard from before. You'll find you're in fine company here; I have some of the best commenters in the blogosphere, in my opinion.

  9. i like 'gleaners' and commenters of different leanings at my blog because i like the diversity. not to mention that it makes posting more interesting to have contrasting points of view- preaching to a harmonious choir- if you will. dissonant and consonant to go along with the musical theme :)

  10. BG,
    Robert said it better than I ever could. I'm only about 4 mos old in the realm of blogs. I was out off work with a blown disk, clicked on a link I received and like the Big Bang, a whole new universe was opened up for me. The grass got really green over the septic tank.
    I can't remember the last time I hit Kos, Crooks and Liars, or Firedoglake. You, Firestarter, JP, I hit every day without fail. I write the rare comment; I also write the occasional letter to the Seatle PI, but to do my own blog? Quite honestly, I read you three and some of the other "little" blogs, and I feel... I just don't have the... Sticktoitiveness, or something, to do the job you do. However...

    When every now and then I feel that urge, that bolt from the blue, that boot in my ass to respond, I hope that, provided I'm coherent, I will be welcomed. In my short time lurking, I've gotten the picture that this is not always the case. Especially on the "big" blogs.

    You (and many others) do the heavy lifting, and we lurkers truly do appreciate you all.

  11. Anonymous8:16 AM

    OrganicGeorge and I sit in bed every morning, each with laptop (he PC, I Mac) and cruise the blogs. You have no idea how much you bloggers mean to us. You remind us there are others of like mind (and liberal bent). You educate us, entertain us, and say what we think -- although you phrase it better.

    Thank you, thank you.

    BTW, at this instant, I am drinking coffee from my "keep your panties on" mug, a gift from George. We heart you, Blue Gal.

  12. I'm proud to be a frequent lurker. In fact, I'm lurky-licious!


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