Thursday, July 13

Let's be like Loretta the Libertarian...


In the past week, Loretta Nall, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor in Alabama, did the following:

    Held a public planning meeting to arrange for gay weddings in spite of the recently passed ballot item prohibiting same-sex marriage.

    Accompanied a medical marijuana patient to court on drug charges. The guy has cancer, diabetes, and neuropathy, and the State of Alabama is prosecuting him for smoking pot to ease his physical pain. Great use of my tax dollars, thanks.

    Acted as an escort at an reproductive services clinic, to shield women seeking reproductive services from protestors in Montgomery.

Can you imagine any Democrat (maybe Russ Feingold. Maybe.) growing a pair the size of this little blonde chick? (She knows I mean chick in the righteous way.) Why can't we Democrats find some candidates with the same ability to put it on the line? And by the way, I don't care that you and I don't agree with her on gun control. She's got guts, and she's shaking things up in Alabama. Splitting hairs is what we libs are great at, and this time it is uncalled for.

Oh, I see NARAL is endorsing Lie-berman. Guess that means he'll be acting as an escort at a Connecticut Planned Parenthood clinic. Joe? Um, Joe?

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  1. bravo! i am in awe! wish she lived here!

  2. She certainly has a pair. Methinks she has four...the two she grew and the two she ripped from Joe Lieberman's centerpiece!

  3. And don't forget that Loretta, no matter how many or how large balls she may have, is not encumbered by panties.

  4. Party Pooper Alert

    She is free to be true to her beliefs because she knows she doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning. That's just not true for Demies and Repugs.

  5. The irony of many ironies is that, by in large, the political beliefs of most Alabamians are libertarian--particularly with the party's emphasis on smaller government and minimal taxation.

    The only thing that's going to be able to change Alabama and the Old South is an influx of capital and educated folk. It's an overwhelming poor, uneducated part of the country.

    It may not be too much of a stretch to think of the South in terms of any other predominately poor region of the world. Mexico, for example...until very recently was ruled by one party who had total control over everything and everyone.

    Until the so-called Reagan Revolution, the solid south was pretty much solidly Democratic.
    These days, it's solidly Red.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    And as such, the discrepancies between the haves and the have nots are very evident. Only after the Bulldozer Revolution, which occured in the immediate aftermath of WWII did the south develop any substantial middle class.

    I'm part of that neauvo riche middle class. That's why there are so many problems with generational and cultural divides. My parents and the parents of many of my peers have a working class southern mentality that is very much insufficient and out-of-date.

    So it's very awkward here. Used to be that you were either working class and blue collar or you were aristocratic, patrician, and wealthy. Either/or.

    And, in truth, many parts of this country--not just the south--are dealing with the same phenomenon. The Baby Boom produced, arguably, America's first real middle class.

    That being said, I agree with Qwerty. Loretta has nothing to lose so she is free to say whatever she'd like to.

    What can really help? Blue people, with their progressive ideas, their wealth, and their high level of education.

    Giving people a handout isn't the answer, because that's tantamount to paying ransom and just creates an entitlement mentality.

  6. The more reason to support her, Don!

  7. Thanks for the party pooper alert, qwerty, but why can't a Democrat in Utah, or Alabama for that matter, or some other solidly red state, grow a pair? I think it's because the state party rulers step on that kind of creativity, see Paul Hackett. May it stop being so. But that said, don't ask me to run. I realize that until we get candidates to walk the blog, we're just talking to each other.

  8. Great interview with John Dean here, btw.

  9. God I wish the world had more of her. What do you think the child who's president would do if he met her? Pippa

  10. BG,
    Are you picking on Russ Feingold for some reason? or are you in some way saying, "Run Russ, run"? He is among other things, the lone Senator to vote against the (un)Patriot Act, and the one who introduced a measure to censure the anti-Christ shortly after his NSA wiretappings came to light (a measure virtually ignored by other Dems). Personally, I'd Love to see him on the ticket in '08, with Al "Can You Hear Me Now?" Gore, but at this point that doesn't seem likely. Am I misinterpretting you?

    PS. Kevin... How old were you in '68 when George Wallace split the Democratic Party and handed the election, and the "Solid South" to the Repugs (long before Reagan)?

    PPS. Parnellpr... He'd do what he always does: Whatever Karl Rove tells him to do/say.

  11. Chris, I love Russ Feingold to bits. Not endorsing or anything. Huh. He won't run along side Gore, tho.

    And I also happen to know how not even born yet Kevin was, but for a youngn' he knows a lotta history...

    But that's true of most blogospherians. Sigh, Blue Gal is old school...

  12. BG,
    I'm old school here too; maybe older school than you. In '68, I was 12, and becoming somewhat aware of politics, so Wallace is actually a memory for me, as opposed to a history lesson. Since Kevin wasn't alive then, he's probably gotten a lot of revised history. When I lived in Tennessee years ago, I heard a lot of people - even my age - talk about how the South was always conservative and republican.

    BTW, I read a bit about Loretta a couple of months back, and it sounds like she has quite a good head on her shoulders.

    Sorry if I sounded like I was lecturing. I'll shut up on this topic now.

  13. The Reagan revolution was just a fait accompli.

    I agree, the 1968 election is what really shook things up.

  14. Sorry Chris, commenters at BG are not allowed to shut up. It's against the rules.

  15. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Speaking of Loretta Nall, Bob Dylan sang about an Alabama gal way back in the seventies:

    “I had a woman down in Alabama,
    She was a backwoods girl, but she sure was realistic,
    She said, ‘Boy, without a doubt, have to quit your mess and straighten out,
    You could die down here, be just another accident statistic.’
    There's a slow, slow train comin' up around the bend.”

    Maybe he was talkin’ about Loretta’s Mama.

    I kinda like a Southern “chick” who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Even tho’ you’d call me a Yankee, I appreciate sass and what could be more sassy, than Loretta Nall.

    I hope your commenters are wrong and that she does have a chance to become governor. Stranger things have happened. Look at Schwarzenegger!

    I especially cherish Loretta for speaking out in favor of medical marijuana. It’s high time politicians started speaking out!

    A lawyer in Colorado by the name of Robert Corry, Jr. posted the text of Genesis on his blog, clearly stating that God gave man the seeds to all the herbs to use for his benefit, and he looked at what he created, and “it was good.”

    Even the staunchest Bible thumpers would have to admit that all things come from God. So how could marijuana be bad? It’s been used in healing for thousands of years!

    I suffer from glaucoma. Medpot is the only thing that helps my condition. Didn’t you hear Peter Tosh sing: “the only cure for glaucoma?”

    The DEA just busted 13 medpot dispensaries in San Diego. “It’s a warning to the others,” the DA said. The governor of California is silent on this matter, even though his state’s laws are being trampled upon by the feds.

    We all have to grow our own. Read the Bible and plant your seeds. And use 100% natural organic fertilizer (Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom) from Advanced Nutrients Medical.

    Don’t know how to start? Contact them through their website and they’ll be glad to give you free advice.

    George Orwell was right. The age of doublethink has arrived. While red has always been the color of the progressive left, the conservative right has absconded with it. Now we’re the blue states, and the right-wing states are red. The mind boggles.

    It doesn’t matter when the Republican take-over of the Southern vote actually happened. What IS important is to turn it around and give your vote to women like Loretta, who will force the other politicians to “quit messing and straighten out.”

    But not too straight! We gotta leave room for those curves, if y’all know what I mean…

  16. Thanks for posting that, Shelley. I'll forward it on to Loretta...

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