Tuesday, July 25

A most unprofessional post...

The precious start of life of a white born again Christian suburbanite Fox News viewer GOP voter. Oops, sorry, that's a purple sea urchin embryo.
Don't implant that one, Doctor Frist!

If you get me started on the whole embryo thang, I'm gonna hafta smack.

A little background: Blue Gal her own self has been through the infertility rollercoaster. I'm one of the lucky ones.


I did not have to go through IVF, so there are no little Blue Gal embryos waiting for my decision to dispose of them. It would be heartwrenching, but I hope if that were the case I would have the moral and emotional strength to donate them for stem cell research, just as if one of my sisters or parents needed a kidney, I would have the strength to donate that, too.

I repeat: I am a former infertility patient. I know.

Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS)? Kiss my ass.

There are difficult decisions to be made in infertility, and they do not need to be made in the halls of Congress. They need to be made between a couple and their doctor, and when you try to tell a group of highly educated (and when you've followed your own reproductive cycle for 24 months IN A ROW believe me you are educated) people who have invested THOUSANDS of dollars and TENS OF THOUSANDS of tears in order to have any child at all...how and when they "should" proceed so that "precious life" is perserved.

Fuck you. Just fuck you. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA, SIR. NONE AT ALL.

Great articles on what's really going on here and here.

BTW my opinion is everyone agreeing to create an embryo shall sign a waiver that if your embryo has sat on ice for over 2 years and no one can find you those stem cells can help an Alzheimer's patient. Starting right now.


  1. You rock, Blue Gal!

  2. What does he want to have done with the frozen embryos? Does he expect every one to be implanted?

    That would be such a great thesis for a dystopian horror story. It isn't what he really wants, is it?

    Is it?!?

  3. My father has Alz and that's also how his mother died.

  4. i've had fertility problems,2 miscarriages 1 birth, my daughter has fertility issues, she adopted my beautiful little granddaughter last year!

    for all those jackasses that want to make this, and week old divided cells a political issue i echo you!

    "Fuck you. Just fuck you. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA, SIR. NONE AT ALL."


  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Ah, just go ahead an' smack 'em, BG!

  6. we donate loved one's organs and such upon their deaths. we sign paperwork to donate corneas and livers and hearts- why can't we treat embryos that way? some folks donate their bodies and skeletons to science when they die. are embryos any different than those folks who cryogenically freeze themselves? i am just asking- not being sarcastic.

  7. One of the drawbacks of this capitalistic society in which we live is that quite often, the people who make loads of money don't have any sense at all.

    They are the C students, the trust fund babies, and the kids who inherited Daddy's business ventures because they were too dysfunctional to be able to make it any other way.

    It sounds common sense, especially to readers of this blog, but I say it nonetheless.

    One of the reasons why Hoover is in such straits right now is that a bunch of good old boys with money (a lethal combination if there ever was one) decided that they want to run the show.

    I am aware that old boy networks exist everywhere and wear the clothing of both the Ass and the Elephant (sometimes simultaneously).

    This ought to be the goal of those of us who give a shit--to bust the old boy networks and refuse to build new ones.

  8. Your babies are beautiful! Thank you for sharing pictures of them with the world.

  9. My grandfather - who I loved like he was a second dad - died a slow, painful death because of ALS. I have posted often and ranted about the scourge of MS that has deeply effected my family and others I know. This Saturday, we will bury the 20 year old son of our beloved school secretary, who died doe to a traumatic brain injury.

    I hope to God that Sen. Brownback never has anything like this happen to anyone in his life. Of course, a person with his power and influence will have access to care most of us can only dream about.

    Democrat candidates for the White House should all be forced to go on record that an executive order overturning this veto will be signed right after they are sworn in in 2008. Of course, we'd need a viable candidate first...

    Someone else someplace posted this week that all the fundies and fetus fetishists who stopped stem cell funding from being law should now all go out now and adopt an embryo and get it implanted right away. I mean, we sure don't want them thrown away, or, God forbid, used for research to save people's lives.

    I nominate Jenna and Barbara II to take the first two. Provided they've stopped drinking, of course.

  10. While we're on the subject of the government telling women what to do with their bodies and parts thereof....

    Senate Removes Abortion Option for Young Girls

    The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would make it a federal crime to help an under-age girl escape parental notification laws by crossing state lines to obtain an abortion.

    The bill was approved on a 65-to-34 vote, with 14 Democrats joining 51 Republicans in favor.

  11. Blue Gal, I've been right there with you on the infertility roller coaster. Bush, Brownback, et al, are just big ol' hypocrites. Embryos are sacred, but the lives of our soldiers and the Iraqi people are not? And who, pray tell, will adopt the 400,000? Are they planning to force every woman of childbearing age to take one till the supply runs out?

    I have a suspicion that Bush is once again doing something to benefit his buddies in private industry. After all, he hasn't tried to outlaw all embryonic stem cell research, and someone along the way is going to make a fortune if scientists are correct about its potential.

  12. my youngest is a left-over embryo (our own) -- I had to dash to the IVF office to meet a 12 PM deadline to say we wanted to save him and try again (my wife and I figure his failure to dress warmly in winter is because he spent most of a yr. frozen at a gazillion degrees below zero...). Having said that, I'd agree with your 2 yr. limit on keeping the embryo before turning it over for research (unless, of course, there were extenuating circumstances such as the mother undergoing cancer treatment, etc.).

  13. Shunra, I think you just snipped Margaret Atwood's next plot!

    Yoga, Quaker Dave, I'm sorry...

    David, I wish you well...

    The rest of you rock on!


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