Tuesday, July 18

Like Cake on quaaludes...


That's my review of Flaming Lips's Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

I bought the CD at Quimper Sound, whose website in addition to some pretty cool employee recommendations, also has a blog where you can leave comments. Nice touch.

I know lots of bloggers are talking today about Bush's smut-mouthed idiocy, but isn't that really old news?

And to think there are MSM's who call the blogosphere a "nightmare of populist crudity." Hm.


  1. You picked the wrong Flaming Lips album, first of all. They're wayyy past their prime by that point. You really ought to go much earlier in their catalogue and follow my suggestion.

    What you did was tantamont to buying Paul McCartney's first solo album when you should have bought Rubber Soul first.

    Some of your fellow bloggers have immaculate taste in politics, but their taste in music is somehow lacking.

    Leave music to the musicians like yours truly, say I.

  2. I like the blog and am boycotting televsision for the next few decades...what I need to know will reveal itself somehow.


  3. Nah, Yoshimi's a great album. Now you can go get the Soft Bulletin. Just don't bother with whatever album "Vasoline" is on.

    The thing about Bush... I use the word all the time myself. I can't fault him on that. But when he's not talking with his mouth full, he's chewing with his mouth open. Didn't his debutante mommy slap any table manners into the boy? Or is it true that the ultra-patrician Bushes, forced to live among the common folk, decided that Pappy's political future depended on them fitting in, so they raised one son to appear to be an inbred moron, another to be a bandito (only he robbed banks from the inside) and gave the other a name like Jethro or Jebediah or whatever it is.

  4. Nice uh, panties? :) Just visiting the blogs of everyone who entered my logo contest.. :)

    You like panties? You might like this one also. I used to have a store on [GAS], but I closed it after 3 months of operation. Selling 3 pairs of panties in 3 months isn't exactly what I can success, so I just closed the shop hehe.

  5. Yes. Old news. Besides it is not his words or drawl or heh heh heh or lack of manners or anything so silly... It is, however, his complete lack of diplomacy, his inflamatory rhetoric, and his inept mind that has the world spinning out of control. They can spin it any way they want, but when it comes down to the point Bush and his foreign policy are the only stand outs!

  6. Hi Blue Gal, another delicious pair of panties. On a hot day like this if I were to see you walking round the house or pool in them, well... I have to keep reminding myself you are a married lady, but hmmmm but I'm not sure if I can resist stealing these panties too

    Don't be surprised if you see them hanging on my line soooooon
    Here's loving ya!

  7. Check out the track Haven't Got A Clue from the Flaming Lips' latest album. You'd think they wrote it especially for President Chimpy McFlight Suit

  8. Well, I for one applaud Bush for speaking his mind. When I read that, he instantly became the man of the hour in my eyes.


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