Saturday, July 15

Honoring Valerie Plame, doing the math on Madonna.

wear 'em to court, baby

Don't know if you'd noticed, but the NYFT lists the ticket price to Madonna at Madison Square Garden at $359.50 per ticket. Those aren't great seats either. Row 3 is, according to one website, going for $2200 a ticket.

Now for that, Blue Gal and twenty-two lucky readers (not that I'm offering, but still) could all go to a NYC Flaming Lips concert. While I've never heard their music, the lead singer is apparently handing out vibrating panties to fans at his concerts.

[Lead Singer Wayne] Coyne said he plans to give fans a climatic experience by activating the novelty knickers via remote control from onstage. Unlike other artists, Coyne says he doesn't just dream about giving thousands of women simultaneous pleasure — he does something about it.

Okay, but why are guys interested pleasuring multiple partners always named Wayne?

h/t qwerty


  1. Blue Gal, you'd SO dig the Flaming Lips.

    Just load up your file stealing, err, swapping program of choice and let your fingers do the walking.

    Comrade Kevin would never advocate musical communism.

    *looks other way*

    P.S. Start with either The Soft Bulletin or my personal favorite In a Priest Driven Ambulance first.

    P.P.S. It's an acquired taste, though. Might not take at first or at all. But you've gotta admit--the titles are clever.

  2. My favorite is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

  3. There you go again Blue Gal, taking pics of me while I'm dressing! :)

    How the heck are ya my friend? Haven't "seen" you in ages?

  4. I've just discovered the Flaming Lips for myself. I'm slow on it--found "Free Radicals" and am loving that before I move on.

  5. The Lips would kick Madonna's musical behind all over the arena.

    It is amazing what people will pay to witness mediocrity

  6. ok- madonna must be having delusions of grandeur here. she wasn't that great in the 80's and she hasn't gotten that much better. she never could really sing- and her act has gone to the mommy set. please.


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