Friday, July 14

Fun and Games with BG


Summer means games and fun, so why not in the blogosphere, too?

Game #1.

Scold Blue Gal for not reading what's going on in the world today (Humph!) Then take a drink every time Bush says Israel has a right to defend itself. Doug, as of now I'm officially outta blueberry liqueur.

Game #2.

From Robert J. Elisberg, find a Republican and play 20 questions (h/t to the Cap'n). I especially like #10: Would you let Donald Rumsfeld plan your daughter's wedding?

And here's one I didn't see, with a posthumous h/t to Abbie Hoffman: How are your war stocks doing? As the June issue of Forbes put it:

Those "supplemental" defense appropiations are getting out of hand. You can get a piece of the action.

Yeah, just invest like the entire Bush cabinet!

Game #3.

This game is still in the invention stage. We need to take bets on which day in October (surprise) Exxon gas will drop below $2.50 a gallon. Just because the Hammer is gone, doesn't mean there aren't other friends on the Hill. Mark my words it's already in the profit projections.

Game #4.

It's the game that's sweeping the pre-midterm-election nation! Play fake foiled terrorist plot bingo! (scroll down comments here to see a sample card)

1) Create your card. Cards are 5x5 and each square is filled with a date between now and the election (11/7/06). No duplicate dates are allowed.
2) Post your card for all to see. You must post it before the first day you use on your card.
3) Mark off a square when the Administration first announces an implausible terror alert (even if the sting or bust happened months earlier).
4) The first one to complete a 5-box row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins.


  1. It's blackberry, and here's where you can buy more ;).

    Or come visit us and we can go there for a private tasting.

  2. We need to take bets on which day in October (surprise) Exxon gas will drop below $2.50 a gallon.

    I see I'm not the only one who expects this. I'm assuming they have to pass some drill-and-incentive-heavy bogus "Energy Stimulation Bill" first so they can take credit for the price break.

    When said price break occurs, might be a good time to go short on Hummer stock...

  3. it's hot and sticky and will be for the next 3 or 4 days and i'm opting for the liqueur ( and some shade). if not i will just start screaming! i may have to go and get john dean's book before the liqueur tho.

  4. Israel holds hostages, both Lebanese and Palestinian. Some of the hostages have been held for twenty years or more (Google Dirani, for example. The Hebrew word used for the hostages is "bargaining chips".)

    It has no right to do so. It is in violation of a passel of U.N. resolutions, and has directly attacked homes and schools and offices.

    Right to defend itself? I don't think so. It is a rogue state, spread well beyond the borders due to it, practicing apartheid (Google the Orr Commission findings...) and ethnic cleansing. Why would Bush *possibly* want to support that?

    More to the point, why is it the intellectual bon ton to support it?

  5. I'm one of the the biggest proponents of public transportation, but I know that it isn't feasible unless we are willing to move in closer proximity to each other.

    In Atlanta, for instance (sprawl capital of the world) public transportation would only be effective if it was fashioned in the style of something as exhaustive as the interstate highway system.

    It's just not cost-effective.

    Our economy and whole way of life have been shaped by the automobile. Thus we're kind of like 21st century cowboys (or cowpeople, depending on how you think of it) patrolling the open range in our gas-guzzling SUVs.

    People will tighten their belts other ways to avoid having to curb their usage of gasoline. It's already happening.

    Regarding Israel: there are no easy answers. How would I change it? Well, I'd do something very controversial and relocate the Jewish homeland to Brooklyn, which is its de facto homeland anyway.

    Yes, I'm an isolationist. And I take George Washington to heart. I "Beware foreign entanglements". I would much rather we quickly transition our economy away from petroleum to hydrogen or biofuel and give the reins to China, India, or Russia.

    Let them deal with unstable Middle East theocracies.

    The economies of Saudia Arabia and lots of Oil Exporting Countries are closely tied to our dependence to them. So, if we switched tomorrow, it would decimate entire economies...thus likely producing more terrorists hostile to the USA.

    So I propose we gradually (but inevitably) start the transition and wash our hands of it.

    Yes, Russia and China will likely make a lot of the same mistakes we did regarding policy and will create lots of environmental damage and chemical pollutants, but I think that's the risk we have to take.

    And I also think that such excesses are pretty much inevitable when any second world power transitions to a modern economy.

    Hopefully we will have learned enough to limit the excesses of developing powers.

    I would like for the USA to be able to stand alone and act as a sort of delegating body. It's tough for us to seem impartial when we clearly have a clear conflict of interest in being in the Middle East.

  6. and here i thought that summer was going to be long, hot and boring. thanks blue gal! gonna have to get me another bottle of southern comfort.

  7. Aghhh... blueberry liqueur... Panties optional...Right?


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