Wednesday, July 12

Panties from a friend...

As many of you know, in order to provide my readers with the best in novelty panties, I do plenty of Google and Dogpile image searches. Inevitably, I must scroll through untold numbers of porn images: wet panties, dirty panties, girls sucking on panties, hot Latino anal panty action, etc. Oh, I'm getting search engine hits already: thanks for the tip, Doug.

But there are two ways to avoid such smut. The trick is to include in the panties search, "sales" "order form" "discount" and "novelty". That filters out most of the unshaven (and yes, I do mean the girls' armpits and upper lip) internet porn sites. One time after buying some panties of my own (and believe me, the lingerie sales lady can tell a beige cotton brief customer at fifty paces) I tried searching for "panties" plus "pack of 3." That got me some appropriate images, but also one or two triple penetration sites. (I think that act, in practice, is not nice, as the poor girl should be allowed to catch her breath at least.)

The second way is to let satirical right wing Christian websites send you images of the panties they have for sale in support of their divine and sacred mission, which of course includes unwavering support for one Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

I am happy to pimp bring you the Conservatives for American Values thong:

order here and save your soul

The sacred image of Rev. Herman B. Hayes along with the words "Think Twice" is guaranteed to reduce sinful activity (sure would put me off my feed) and curb wanton motives. Their Cafepress store also features a really neato button "We do it Santorum style", as well as the "homo-insurgent" and "Guerrilla Sodomite" shirts.

A few of you know that I comment at CFAV frequently, and I have to tell you it is the most difficult writing I do. How hard it is to keep your tongue in your cheek while both swallowing conservative dogma and laughing until it really, really hurts. I almost feel like one of those triple penetration girls, except CFAV only has two contributors, not counting Rick Santorum. And they would never.


  1. Thanks for the tip on CFAV's shop... didn't know they had one. I comment there a lot, and agree with you entirely... some of the toughest writing I've ever enjoyed! READING the comments is one of the most fascinating studies I've seen in a L-O-N-G time! :)

  2. Blu Gal, Nice panties I can almost imagine you running round with a pair of them on. lol!

    White, almost 'pure' white
    Shame about the colour pic

  3. funny stuff!

    and pity me please, santorum is my senator so i get twice the santorum bull that anyone else in this country gets. it's all santorum all the time , he's been running commercials almost nonstop!
    little creepy messages with a lot of anti latino in them, using the word "sinister" in regards to them. trying to link the latino illegal with al queda by use of that word!

  4. sherry: I do like that nice red shirt he wears, and his references to his grandfather slaving away in the mines. Makes me proud to have a great man such as Rick Santorum representing my state, and filling my airwaves, and my radio time, and my nightmares, and my personal thoughts as I shower. I sure to love Rick. There is no other choice. No other choice. Oh, I hear his commercial. I must see him...I must behold his beauty....oh thank you Lord.

    blue gal: You are the best, you know that? You really are.

  5. OK, Darlin’ Blue Gal, I confess to being a lurker. I love all of your panties as well as your brilliancy, but basically I happen to be blessed with a boobs fetish, so I keep peeking to see if you might decide to add some nice sexy bras to your repertoire.

  6. i laughed out loud, yes, thank you lord...! ; )

  7. Never could understand the concept of "triple penetration". How do you position three guys so that they can all fit themselves into one itty bitty hole?

    And think of the mess. Who gets to clean up all the santorum?

  8. I support Blue Gal's Panty Party!

  9. blue gal: We have a link from our blog now, and a bunch of new products today. Thanks again, even though you are a Godless unbeliever.

  10. As always, BG, I always count on you for new information sources, especially in the spiritual realm. Now that you've pointed me to CFAV, I won't have to rely solely on emails to Jesus for guidance. I particularly liked the "I spit up on Republicans" onesie in their shop....

  11. Fran,

    Thanks for the Search tips. Very funny post and thanks for pointing me to CFAV. LOL. I loved "Ken Lay HIred By God" from July 5. I have to say I may not be able to get the feedblitz send to my work email with all the panties talk. I.T. is your friend!

  12. Anonymous10:26 PM

    ....... weird;
    however i think u should match your panties with your bra....yes?


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