Monday, July 10

Happy July Birthdays


Go wish a happy belated birthday (the 8th) to our dear friend Quaker Agitator.

Lots of July birthdays in the blogosphere...we Cancerians are so in tune with the infinite, blah blah.

Blue Gal is the 16th, Qwerty is, I think, the 24th?

If you have a recent or soon to come birthday, please leave a note in comments.


  1. Thanks. That was very kind of you.

  2. August 5th for the panty whore.

  3. Oops - meant to add I'd be turning 40! I feel a panty design coming on.........

  4. Signed sealed and delivered to Quaker Agitator!

    Thanks for the heads up...

  5. 23rd, but thanks. That was close. But I'm not a blogger. I help a client with their blog, and I'm trying to convince a few others to get into it, but none of those sites are political anyway.

  6. Well, m'darling dude turns 39 on the 25th (and t'other darling dude turns 15 on the very same day).

    Your date is now on the birthday calendar which hangs, according to Dutch custom, on the door of the one room the ENTIRE FAMILY has cause to be in, at least once a day, every day... ...I love the Dutch customs. So practical.

  7. I'd raise a wee voice from the midwest to point out that my 52nd b.d. was yesterday, but I'm too weak.

  8. Anonymous11:55 AM

    My birthday is July 28th. Hooray me! I beat Jesus!

  9. July 8 for me, too! Much love to the sister and brother Cancerians.

  10. Anonymous12:02 AM

    If I forget, as I almost certainly will, happy birthday!

    Falafel massages at my place, bg.


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