Friday, March 13


Blue Gal, the blog, is hosting the Carnival of the Liberals 33 on Wednesday, March 25, and I'm asking you to be a part of it. Basically, liberal bloggers submit posts from the past couple weeks for consideration and the host picks ten and links 'em. So you get a little backwash traffic and some linky love for your trouble. Remember COTL says I can only pick ten.

The guidelines for submissions are here. Submit your post using the handy form here or send the link via e-mail to cotl DASH submissions AT carnivaloftheliberals DOT com before 5PM Central Time Tuesday, March 24. Looking forward to reading all of these. COTL is a real labor of love and a chance for all of us to bond. As if we don't already.

If you want to be an awesome networked blogger like me (pfft) one easy (and yeah I mean easy) way to do it is to host the carnival yourself at your own blog. They're held every two weeks at blogs around the web and you CAN do it. Details are in this old post of mine. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Looks like a pair of size 42-XL brief-style knickers too me. Why would anyone want to go to a convention of such Elephant Cows?

  2. Stay classy, anonymous troll.

  3. Thanks Johnny. Yeah, methinks anonymous has never been inside such panties, and doesn't know about the "make the rockin' world go round" thang. Sucks to be him.


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