Tuesday, March 17

When technology fails,
there's always permanent magic marker.

There was a pretty major computer meltdown (please don't call it "crash") on Amtrak on Friday, so for most of my three-hour-plus trip to Chicago I had this little scrap of green paper with CHI (yes, that's the actual item shown) to prove I was a paying customer. I so admire human ingenuity.

Oh yeah, and it's green, too. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I feel bad for the guy who accidentally fell into the Chicago River as he danced on the edge of a bridge during the parade this weekend. My condolences to his family, but I had to smile at the ubiquitous "Police suspect alcohol was involved" template. Gotta hand it to the Chicago cops for being so restrained. Pfft.


  1. from a proud descendant of McGartys and McCrackens and McHenrys...my peeps! Gotta love the irish.

  2. At least Amtrak came up with something...unlike going to the grocery store when the computers are down. lol

    I agree with you about the police thing....I would wonder how many incidences around St. Patty's day in Chicago are NOT alcohol related.

  3. I think alcohol was involved with the mass marketing of this holiday.

  4. drdale2:48 PM

    I don't know about the Amtrak route you took, but every Amtrak trip I have taken, the conductors have always indicated the stop by a number written onto a slip of paper. The paper is then placed on the luggage rack above your seat.

  5. exactly what that was, drdale, except that was the ONLY proof they gave me that I had a ticket, and they asked us to carry that with us if we went to the club car.


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