Sunday, March 8

Storms today.

We had a "take the kids to the basement" storm this morning; I'm taking that as a sign to stay close to the radio and away from the computer for the day. We're fine, it's actually bright sun right now but appears to be big wide waves of weather.

Have a happy day of rest, folks.


  1. Be careful, BlueGal and be safe.

  2. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Be safe is right.

    And remember that global climate change IS a MYTH!

  3. i used to live up that way. one thing for sure, the weather never gives you time to get bored.

    in mpls, where i was, we also had the added thrill of instant springtime: one day it would be winter, the next, tah dah, splendiferous balmy days.

    but those tornadoes. wow. some glorious mean spectacle.

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Sit tight, kid. Assuming you've got a finished/semi-finished basement or safe area that doesn't flood (sorry for your troubles, Splotchy!), bring a radio, a board game or two, sleeping bags and the box of crafts stuff. Keep the kids busy.

    Tornado/storm time = family time. It works great.

  5. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I'm not sure I understand what basement weather means - tornado? Keep safe.

    We had an earthquake this morning before 6AM, and I am blaming the time change.



  6. take care. the weather is goofy. we've had a few tornadoes in pgh over tyhe past couple of years and i never thought we'd see that. the "wind shears" are bad enough.

    rain here, storms tonight.

    thakfully i've got a basement too, just in case.


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