Monday, March 30

QUIZ: which word doesn't belong in the sentence?

"[O]n Sunday, March 29, Newt Gingrich will convert to Catholicism, the faith of his third wife, Calista Bisek."


  1. Makes sense to me.

    Catholicism includes lying as part of the catechism. (I know, which ones don't?)

    That little newt's found a snuggy new home.

  2. ok -- i am jewish
    so i will go with third..... or wife

  3. I'm going with "faith." So, what do I win?

  4. Search me?

    I only know that when the words "Catholicism" and "third wife" are applied to the same person, somewhere, somehow, something is out of joint.

  5. You know, I thought Catholics were not allowed to get married in a Church to someone who was divorced. Weird ...


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